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advice for power chrono


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Depends on your group and what elite you run.

If your group has people whom can provide slow and/or you're running Time Warp then you can get enough out of Danger Time to be worth it.

If your group doesn't have any slow application and you're running Gravity Well (Or Mass Invis for some skip strats) then go Improved Alacrity.

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I see you’ve been looking at my other thread. However, like Armen said, those are golem benchmarks (i.e. for raids) and don’t apply to fractals (despite having such high numbers, chrono is nowhere near meta for fracs). Even pMirage/pCore, with supposedly <30k, perform better than they appear, simply due to the bursty nature of fractals.

In the same thread, I said I personally don’t find slow worthwhile. If you find that that it is worthwhile, then by all means use it. However, I find that I have moa signet slotted most of the time for cc because that works better for me/my group.

I may also need to mention that DT chrono and IA chrono have slightly different rotations - if you’re simply using the DT rotation with IA, you may end up doing less dmg than expected.

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Time warp doesn't couple right with most of fractals fights ; also chronophantasma; too short phases everywhere. (For example, on MAMA people can burst the 25% before your second phantasm triggers) You can try with well of action in a CS but i don't remember the duration it's around ~8second with CS, it's not worth. Plus you should prefer the gravity well.Plus you also earn ~12% precision with potions, so the +15% from DT is not that mandatory. IA seems a better choice IMO.

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