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Completed: Need Blue Catmander Help

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I'm willing to pay. I'm on a US server. Not entirely sure how to convey which server set without subjecting myself to trolls. I'm there with my Mesmer, and I've tried like 20 times and I just can't seem to 'stick' on the ledge. I hit something and bounce off and slide down into the water.

I must have done it once, as I have both the yellow and blue catmander tags, but was revisiting them (completed yellow last week) to get 'Perfect Fit' done and wanted to pick up the cats for my home instance (have yellow, but he needs someone to play CvC with).

I'm going to keep trying for awhile. Maybe send me a tell if you think you can help and I'll let you know what server group I'm in this week and see if it's a fit? Or, I guess you could then just come kill me in here and troll me. Suppose someone gets something out of it either way. Again, willing to pay.

I'll update if I manage to make it. Seems like every time I post a help thing like this, I then turn around and immediately solve it, so maybe I just needed to make the post for that to happen. :#

Update: Yeah that was it. Just needed to ask for help and got it in 5-10 more tries.

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