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Which is the race that consumes the most alcohol


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Norn I'd assume.

They have moots regularly, wherein they drink lots of alcohol. Most of their open world hubs tend to be taverns.

Their camaraderie revolves around celebrating other norn's successes, rather than actually aiding them given their more solitary lifestyles. It's just wait until they successfully do something heroic or legendary and then get together and celebrate.

Charr would probably come up as second in alcohol consumption, since they also have meatoberfest which is similar to a moot. Though I feel the difference is that charr have more of an inclination towards meat consumption than alcohol even though both are consumed in large quantities during meatoberfests (A lot more of their hubs are focused around animal farms compared to norn and their taverns)

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@"White Kitsunee.4620" said:I wonder of sylvari can even consume alcohol.

Since plants can absorb alcohol in real life and their equivalents in other games (Elves) can hold their beer,I don't see why Sylvari shouldn't be able to drink it.

Ethanol tends to slow plant growth and can kill plants in too high concentrations.But since Sylvari already are "grown up" once the emerge from the tree, the first point is no issue.The second point applies to mammals (Norn, Humans, Charr, Asura), too.

Unlike mammals though, Methanol seems to help grow plants in real life.So, be careful when drinking Sylvari booze, it might contain Methanol instead of Ethanol.

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Its obvious Norn are the most drunk race.

  • One of your character creation option involves getting drunk and losing an artifact.
  • At least 1/5 of the norn ambience dialogue involves beer, mostly about celebrating for some succesful hunt or something like that.
  • Icebrood Saga took place after one of the main characters (a Norn, of all races) got drunk and lost his mother's bow.

As second i'm debating between human and charr; charr only drinks in celebrations, or while chilling, they spend most of their waking hours scouting/fighting/building/whatever their legions order them to do.Humans on the other side, specially nobles, however not as vicious as norn and charr, they do drink a lot of wine in their fancy reunions, and oh boy they do have a lot of spare time to do that.

@White Kitsunee.4620 said:I wonder of sylvari can even consume alcohol.

Yes they can. one proof is in the Edge of Destiny's book. Caithe does get a little bit drunk after the group offers her some beer as celebration.

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