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Disconnects at the end of quests

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This happens routinely, you play a quest and get right to the end after beating the final boss and you get kicked out saying that you have disconnected from the server. good news, you get to do it all over again and roll the dice on whether you will actual get credit for finishing the mission and get to progress with the story.. that is if you still have the motivation after doing the same mission twice and being booted each time, wasting about 2 hours. this happens in PoF and Core for sure. Haven't experienced it in HoT yet but i know I'm not the only one. You can go back and search the forums and redits and find people having this issue as far as 2015 that I could see. People shouldn't have to finish the same tedious mission 3 times on a single character just to unlock the content in the game that they paid for. Yea I want that griffon mount. Not sure I want it bad enough to keep playing with the RNG of your mission setup though. Quickly losing interest in the story and my interest in the game follows shortly after. I have monitored my internet connection and system while this happens. Not only is it staying connected with ease and next to zero fluctuation, but my system is easily running the game without even running up temp or CPU usage. Everything on my systems end is running ideally and everything in open world runs like a charm. I'm not one of those people who says "it cant be my rig so it must be your software" but seriously fix your game. its been, what, 8 years? If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears. I've tried running in windowed fullscreen mode as per some forums stating that it helped. It seems to have reduced the amount that it happens but not eliminated it. Some people have said that setting the application to only use one core of your CPU has helped but I'm running an 8 core and only using one of those literally cuts my CPU performance by 1/8th so its not really a viable option.. I miss guild wars 1 lol.

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