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miniature for guild symbol idea

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thing is that mini as pet with back item for guild symbol already exist but its very expensive and not ok when mini is already little which is pet with even smaller back item on it so guild symbol would even be much smaller on that back item of pet than miniature itself size. so idea would be mini which is like only floating paper for guild symbol but for idea to be more interesting than just a paper u could make as much as u can a big mirror for example in which u see guild symbol and its a mini for max possible size for guild symbol to be visible sharp as much as possible.

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I wish they would add more Guild armour sets or Outfits to the game personally.

We got that generic Guild chest piece along side the fairly expensive Ornate Guild Armour but I'd like to see more ranks pushing higher tiers.Ascended Guild Armour with a whole new skin set for one and even a stupidly expensive Legendary Guild Armour set with again a unique skin.

I'd like to see other pieces added with the Guild Emblem too, Gloves for example probably being the best choice there, maybe Boots too.If they can do it with Chest armour they should be able to do the same thing with other pieces.

Wouldnt mind more Guild weapon skins too though i'd much rather focus on armour.

The real cherry on the cake though would be a full selection of unique guild themed war mount skins that we could buy with gold and commendations etc.We already got a Warclaw with our Guild Tag on it and that was great.I wanna see all the other mounts get a skin like that too, I don't care if they're fairly expensive either.

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