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Re-skin the rifle turret please!


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I can not be the only one that would love for this skin to be a aplied as a new skin to the rifle turret. It is one of the ice leagion turrets.The little pee-shooter we have now is just sad. Sad for charr engineering, insulting for azura designs and only barely fits human style.The rocket turret is in dire needs of change too, but i am just reacting after seeing the above beauty firing in gatling mode at me.

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Turrets in general need a complete rework, both mechanically and visually.

These skills are absolutely terrible in every game mode with the exception of the healing turret. Rifle turret is solely taken for it's toolbelt skill which is a good dps increase in power builds because of the short cooldown and the fact that it is instant cast.

And it is absolutely depressing when you look up the concept art for turrets they made while planning the game or how engineer was advertised on wallpapers with their awesome turret designs and then you see what we actually got....https://d3b4yo2b5lbfy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/wallpapers/GW2_EngineerWallpaper02-1920x1200.jpghttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/d/d8/Machines_01_concept_art.jpg

And the worst, the icon of the rifle turret looks like from these concepts, not looking like the rifle turret we got at all:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Rifle_Turret.png

Giving us the gatling turret as a skin for our rifle turret would be great. But they should also improve other turrets and rework them in general.

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