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[NA][RP/PvE]The Librarius [BOOK] is looking for new players, returning players, and living players!

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A beacon of knowledge and community, the Librarius is a community of adventurers, scholars, and heroes that have came together with a shared desire: reclaiming and preserving the lost knowledge of the world.

Hello there!

Are you looking for a community that loves the game just as much as you while being just as clueless? Seek no further than the Librarius, a new RP/PvE guild. With years of experience in various RP communities from across the MMO world, we’re eager to start adventuring in the world of Tyria.

Not interested in role-playing but seeking friends? That’s okay! At the Librarius, we believe in enjoying the game in all aspects. Leveling, dungeon runs, and open-world randomness is our middle name!

Curious to give us a shot? Just looking to talk?

Contact me on Discord at The Emperor#2125 or in-game at SpaceCowby.9823!

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