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[NA][PvP][WvW]Darkhaven - Elite Contract Killers [EcK] Thieves Only Guild

Lithril Ashwalker.6230

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first and foremost - we are going to be strictly PvP/WvW/EoTM roaming and havoc squad groups for the time being... this will be thieves only no exceptions.roaming around in thief groups to provide support to our world and eventually annihilating groups with our thieves for zerg busting. our sister guild [iOOO] The thousand dagger clan is the open class and PvX group.

we are Darkhaven only

the rules are going to be as followson the thief its 100% representation in any part of the game you play. shouldnt be an issue as each toon can represent any specific guild.while on thief discord is required. mic is not - real life is understandable, no need to have open mic, but be on PTT. if you cant talk at that moment, state so.recruiting other thieves with the above rules and enforcing is the last rule. everyone recruits, everyone reps on thief, everyone while on thief is on discord. its a group effort

anyone interested in us or the sister guild please pm me, i lead both but will have to start raw recruiting again on PoF release.

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