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Looking for an active and friendly [EU] [PvX] guild! Details in post!


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Hi everyone! I’m making this post on behalf of myself and a few friends on Desolation (EU). We have had our own tiny guild since the early days of Guild Wars 2, while some of us have also been members of other guilds separately. We think it’s now time for us to join a larger guild and get into raiding as well as other organised events. As others have suggested, I thought I’d write a few clear points to better explain what we are looking for:

  1. An active guild is a must! Having to wait weeks for enough people to be online and for events to be organised would defeat the purpose of this post.

  2. We are based in the UK and the Netherlands and all speak English, so an English-speaking guild is also a must.

  3. Although some of us are more active than others, most of us tend to be online several evenings every week.

  4. We’re not really hardcore, so I guess semi-hardcore best describes the kind of guild we are looking for? Competent, but also relaxed and friendly.

  5. I’d like to think we are a nice bunch, so a guild where people befriend each other rather than use each other as regular PUGs would be nice. Also, if your guild chat tends to include elitist, racist, sexist, homophobic and other forms of douchy remarks (:-p), please do us both a favour and spare us the honour; I don’t think we would get along well! :-)

  6. Although we’re good enough players with good ascended/legendary gear and regularly do high level fractals etc., we haven’t had any experience with raiding yet; so we hope that the guild we join will be willing to take along and train new members for raids.

  7. We tend to play a range of classes as desired/required. I won’t specify which, as this is too dynamic and changes as the game changes. So if you have strict class requirements to fill your slots, we’re probably not the right people for you!

  8. I think having a guild hall is pretty essential these days.

  9. As for voice chat programs, we already use Discord and would be willing to participate in whatever you use more and more as we get used to one another. We do understand that voice chat is important for organised high level activities.

Thank you for reading! I hope we don’t sound too demanding and look forward to reading your replies and offers to rehome us! :-)

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