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New to the game, want to play staff daredevil for pvp/pve


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I just started yesterday and staff daredevil enticed me right away. I’ve been trying to look for a guild that I can follow as I level and also for end game that can do both pve/pvp, however, the guides/videos I’ve seen are all 1-2 years old.

Are there any up to date guides that I can follow for this? I’m very confused mostly regarding on where to invest my skill points on

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Here's a PvP Staff Daredevil guide from March of this year (after the big rebalance patch):

I believe this particular version makes extra use of on-swap abilities by running Staff/Staff instead of a more diverse set of weapons.

For PvE builds, some good resources are Discretize (https://discretize.eu/builds/thief/power-daredevil), Snow Crows (https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/thief/daredevil/power/), and Metabattle (https://metabattle.com/wiki/Thief).

Of course, you don't have to follow the guides exactly. I'd encourage you to experiment a bit with the traits and utilities as you're getting the hang of it, especially. For The goal is understanding how to use your skills and the tradeoffs involved in picking one trait over another.

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A note about the aforementioned sites.The builds on discretize are intended for fractals, 5 man instanced content with usually 1 healer/support in the group, and Snow Crows for raids, 10 player instanced content as well usually with support/healers.

Since these builds are made with support from other classes in mind, they are not necessarily fitting for open world content, where you mostly rely on your own sustain.

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