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I have no idea where this goes. So I'm putting it here Please move it if it is in the wrong place.I would like to make a suggestion to the Devs. We need a place to submit our suggestions and idea's for you to see.The next thing is my actual topic of suggestion.I'd like to ask the Marketing team to give us Stuffed Animals of our mounts in the shop. I'm dying for a Plushy Skyscale in particular.

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@Ksparhawk.8395 said:That is for the Gemstore I'm talking the physical store where you can get the nice cloth masks that are being advertised in the launcher right now. I want a REAL PHYSICAL Stuffed animal of a skyscale and that of the other mounts.

oh sorry my bad, i thought you were looking for the Gemstore Request based on your conversation with @Inculpatus cedo.9234

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:There's a Sticky above for Gem Store suggestions.

@Ksparhawk.8395 said:above where?

basically when he said Gemstore suggestions, you said where? and i merely pointed you there.

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There isn't a suggestions section because the old forum had one and between how quickly it moved and the number of generic topic names like "Cool idea" or "What if Anet did this?" it was extremely difficult for anyone to find relevant topics. Most got very few replies even though the same suggestions came up over and over, because unless you were willing and able to go through everything on a regular basis it was hard to spot suggestions you'd be interested in to reply to. Apparently Anet staff had the same problem - it was hard for them to find topics relevant to their area of work unless a colleague stumbled across it and emailed a direct link, which meant it wasn't serving any purpose because they couldn't keep track of the suggestions.

So when the new forum opened they said to put suggestions in whichever section is most relevant, for example if it's about balance it can go in the profession section, if it's about WvW it goes in that section and so on. (At the risk of sounding like I'm criticising a clearer title would help too - something like "New merchandise idea" or even "I want to be able to buy a physical toy of my mount" to narrow it down from all the other kinds of suggestions players could have.)

As for the actual idea they have done cuddly toys before (the ones I remember are a charr and a quaggan) so I'm sure they could do mounts as well. But I suspect it would run into the same problem as the mount chairs sold in the gem store - it would have to be a toy of the undyed default mount skin, so for a lot of players it wouldn't be their mount, it would just be a generic GW2 raptor or skyscale or whatever and that might not be as popular and might not sell well enough to justify the cost of designing and making it. A system where they design models of all the mount skins and then players get to specify the colours when ordering it so it is personalised to their skins and dye job would be amazing, but likely to be very expensive since they'd all be made to order and I'm not quite sure how some of the skins or dyes could be replicated with fabric.

Alternatively maybe the Fan Forge site offers something like this? I know it allows players to submit designs, but I'm not sure if it's just artwork which is then applied to existing product types or if there's a way to design and submit new products too, in which case that would be the way to go - someone design the toys and submit them to be sold through Fan Forge.

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Hey gw2 if you ever read this


I got 2 propositions.

1) Can we bring back  Guild Watchman armor 

2) Can we make all the Hylek potions as infusions so we can enjoy the Fashion wars fully


Would be awesome.


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