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Festival of Legends!(500g in prize's!)


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THIS MONTHS FESTIVAL OF LEGENDS!!!!(Hosted by AL(Absolute Legends NA Guild, All times are Central Standard time, and all on NA servers Thank you!)

1v1 tourney from 6:30-8 central - Rules, single elimination, all on asura arena, Prizes 1st place - One month seat in the Hall of Olympus, 50g, Absolute legend rank,2nd place 25g and absolute legend rank,3rd Place 15g, Legend rank,4th-10th- random Improvised weapon skins

Quaggan Tonic Showdown! 8-8:30 in guild hall! Rules, Enter the ring First person to get a lil crown wins!we will do 3 rounds, each round grants the victor Random Weapon skins/dyes, and Legend rank(if you wanna join the guild!)

Pvp JUMPING PUZZLE! 8:30-9:00 ... good luck.....Rules- Enter with the Free for all Coordinator and begin a no holds bard trolling of hellVictor will get Absolute legend rank, a War Gods Greatsword Skin, Having your monument placed in the Trophy Room for this month!

9:00+Pvp Escort missions and Treb Wars

Escore Mission - Rules - 1: Held on Spirit watch.2:Have to have Raven capped in your teams favor! in order to get Credit for Carrying orb to middle!3: 10 gold to winning team for Scoring the most points, extra 3 gold for using Orbs 3 skill to slam dunk the orb into middle!

Treb Wars!! - Rules - 1:Held on Kyhlo.2: 5g to each member of winning team3: 10g Per Treb kill and finish (must down and finish target with treb)4: You will only be allowed to stay on treb for 1 minute, before swapping out with allies.

(Sign up here!)https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfM4GT_pP0TZIFGgybzNazkq06WQ39D3_EZ1Tb2Wi1porinyw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thank you all for your time ^^-Soro

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