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[VIDEO] Getting Platinum Rank with Core Elementalist Staff (match against noodica xD)

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@"Stallic.2397" said:Interesting build, kinda reminded me of a Necro minion build. Was that the inspiration? Nice to see staff can still pull its weight in gold.

From what I could guess, you're traiting water, arcane and ??.

It really looks like necro minion but i never play with that, so i dont think it was my inspiration, i just wanted to test the minion and then i've realize that these little creatures helps alot in 1v1 against some classes (like thief).

The build link is in description, but here it is anyway:http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PGQAYlFw8YXsKGJOqTXLNA-zZwKjEKgMTAHGA

Thanks for watch !

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