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[EU] Raid static Looking for 3 raiders

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We are looking for 3 people that can fullfill one of the following roles:-Off-heal: need to have at least a druid and either a hfb or healrev-Chrono/alac: need to have a Chrono or Alacrev, preferably both.-DPS: must be able to do Pylons on Qadim 2 and kite on Q1.

Raid days:Tuesday + Thursday (+Sunday)Start time = 19.30 CEST - duration is around 3 hoursSunday is optional but a big plus if you are available.

Requirements:-90% DPS benchmark for your class. Chrono/heal is measured by trial (Still need a chrono log).-Knowledgeable in all wings.-Discord.-PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), doesn't mean you can't call out issues, does mean you shouldn't flame your guildies, we're all friends and everyone has bad days sometimes.

About us:We are a mere 2 weeks young, but our roster is pretty tight already, everyone is super nice and we have some good players in here.Some people are a bit rusty from having taken a break in the game and that is fine, currently looking to refine the harder bosses, Qad 1/2 - W5.The goal is to be able to smoothly full clear in a decent time (Less than 4 hours). Banter and fun is very welcome, we will run meta comps, but you are free to try out something new or play something you like. We are looking to improve together, even if you already are at a high skill level.You are encouraged to help others out if you see something they can improve on or to ask for help with a new class or theorycrafting ideas.We do content together besides raids, such as fractals, strikes and PvP.

But to get the best idea of who we are you should do a raid with us :)If you doubt about passing the requirements, have any questions or want to join our discord server:


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