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Team Chat broken?


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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hey guys! This one was a pain to track down and figure out. Sit down for a short story.

About two months ago we thought we might have an idea on what would cause it and so we made some changes to the team channels and hoped that would resolve the issue. Then it turned out our change never took hold because you guys play WvW so much that there was never a time that the channel could fully reset. So one of our sever programmers wrote some scripts that would force the channel to die and get the new configuration data. Problem solved, or so we thought. People kept reporting the issue and I started digging again.

One of the main problems is we could not reproduce this bug. Our QA and I tried many different ways to reproduce the bug from doing server transfers at strange times to crashing the client and server at various times. We were never able to get this in a test environment and so we had to find players experiencing the bug online so we could look into various potential causes. Thanks to a few helpful people our server programmer (coincidentally his name is Ray a well) we were able to find the issue that was causing this strange channel behavior but not the cause.

After some digging and some lucky breaks we think we understand what is going on. I don't have an ETA for a complete fix at this time but we're working on it. Until then we'll be monitoring this and trying to clean people up as we can.

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