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remove post not needed anymore, recruiting faster than we need atm :3


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Just to let people who are joining for raiding interpret this guild message.

It should read as follows "Hey Everyone, Looking for a guild! Join today! We are a tight knit guild looking to build bonds friendship that will be thrown aside if you disagree with the leadership. Out with the trash and in with the sheep as we say over here at Mystic Phoenix. If you are tired of all the adult guilds and want to get real petty, we even tell you who you can and cannot hang out with. If this is sounding like the guild for you, then send a blood sample and a yes man message to one of the officers today!"

Don't get me wrong, there are people inside the guild that were great(SHOUT OUT TO RANI), but I was ACTUALLY banned from the discord and kicked from the guild after 5 month because the leader of my static was an acquaintance of a person that they did not like. They literally kicked my entire static that was in the guild and then told me the reason was because I didn't participate(Raiding counts as participation via the guild rules)...So, this is just a warning. Luckily my static will survive, but I know most probably wouldn't and that would have been a a huge waste of time for the average raider.

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