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Ticket #7826665 Honorary_Crew_Member Bug

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zenzaiten.3907Today at 13:36https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/The_Head_of_the_Snake_(achievements)#Honorary_Crew_Member

look at the commentsAyinMaidenAyinMaiden3 years ago (edited)There might be a bug coz when I recorded this, some ppl didnt get the achievement but as you can see in chat, some of us did.And thank you very much :)

I already experiemented a few times, didn't register. stood here and doing it

zenzaiten.3907Today at 13:45made an in-game report too. I hope this gets an improvement

the numbers of players doesn't make the achievement easier ( big or small scale does not help)

Also why the npc have a CC bar (defiance bar). it is difficult to kill them on a full dps reaper

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