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Charr in NA in need of friendly guild


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So, I've been playing the game actually for quite some time and got both expansions. And I am still confused about many things, mainly the crafting system.I would really love to find a supportive guild/s to help me through the game.Looking for friendly people, Casual, And that can help me get around with Crafting. Really having difficulty understanding what would be the best path to get the Ascended Gear I want.But what i'm saying is, i'm looking for a family.Would very much prefer a guild that has a Discord server but I guess I can get through with that.

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Boojahideen would be glad to have you. We are small, as our guild has just started, but most of our members are very knowledgeable, veteran players. Myself and the other guild master enjoy mentoring newer players and helping with anything our guild mates need. I am pretty knowledgeable in crafting and would have no problem helping you learn the ropes. We have a discord, too. So if you don't mind sticking with a small guild while we grow and get ourselves established, I would be happy to send you an invite.

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