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Winds of Disenchantment needs a change


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So we know that WoD is pretty bad in PVE, having really niche use and it is useless out them, while being one of the most broken things in WvW.So why not changed it to a slowly moving a sandstorm that removes all boons and destroys projectiles in a big wave like Deflecting Shot but in large wall( also it kinda has to be square) and then leaves a lightning field that removes boons in a pulse like Well of corruption, also it has to be unblockable so it is one of those have to dodge abilities, you dodge you keep your boons. Bonus point that i don't know if it is possible to be made WoD can remove lingering AoE abilities on the ground as the wave moves. Put some high damage numbers on the wave for PVE so it is a dps cd and low damage numbers for PVP.

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Just accept that not all skills need to be spectacular in PvE.The damage would need to be at least double for it to be decent in PvE (it's 0.45 coefficient scaling with utility rather than weapon right now which is below autoattacks) because right now you're relying on Loss Aversion.

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I'd like it to be like it was originally presented, but again, I heard they changed it because of WvW.

I play mostly open world pve and with the original skill, one could use its lightning field with the daggers to have some solid CC uptime while the ennemy couldn't buff itself. It was also a projectile safe area. (Especially great when soloing champions)

If this skill needs changes, they should delete it and make an entiely new one,Actually, pretty much all meditations skills as well.

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