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Adventure Nonsense


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The Adventures in PoF only seem to exist for the lolz. There are in fact more of them than in HoT, as there are 18 in total while HoT has 15.Granted there are only 2 types of them, the delivery runs and griffon courses, but they serve no purpose unlike in HoT.The HoT adventures are part of collections and award mastery points for reaching silver and gold first time.Of course that was a problem as gold often is not easy to get and although you don't really need to reach gold in any adventure to unlock all mastery ranks it would be a bit tight without them. You need 112 points to unlock all HoT masteries and there are a total of 132 points you can get (raids and LW3 not included), so without getting any gold you can get up to 117.So yeah I get why the PoF adventures do not award mastery points as that was a mistake in HoT.But seriously why are the lifetime awards exactly the same as daily awards? I mean you just get same reward twice when doing them the first time.What kind of a once-in-a-lifetime reward is that if I can get exact same thing every day? Making the reward mastery points was a mistake in HoT but at least it felt like a real one time reward. So either remove the lifetime rewards or make them something else.For example the reward for first time could be higher quality i.e. first time gold would give exotic instead of rare. It could in fact be made so that reaching gold in them the first time awards account bound Sunspear and Mordant weapons. What I mean is those in Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands and Elon Riverlands would award Sunspear, while those in Desolation and Domain of Vabbi would award Mordant. It would in fact be 9 of each as Domain of Vabbi has 4 of the 8 delivery runs so with the 1 from Desolation and their 4 griffon courses makes 9.So yes I'm thinking about the Specialization collections atm, but remember the HoT Specialization collections required doing the adventures, but they only required bronze.In this case however it would be an alternate method of getting the required weapons only it would require reaching gold for it.

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