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Can't Launch with Latest Update

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Hey all,

First and foremost I know i'm running the least popular setup here (Linux + AMD Graphics Card). I have been running with this setup for almost a whole year now and usually the issue I run into is something stupid i'm doing; however, this time I haven't been tinkering with my system. The only change I have had since i've played last was the latest release of the game which is what is leading to this post.

I've sent the report to ArenaNet but was curious if anyone has noticed the issue and has a resolution.

Things I've tried:

  • Removed all add-ons
  • Renamed both bin64 / addons folders to allow them to be re-created when needed).
  • Repaired Installation
  • Rebooted

I show the following in the report:

*--> Error Logs <--*19:08:51Z NvAPI_Mosaic_GetDisplayViewportsByResolution failed with -1. Inputs d=3735879684 w=1920 h=1080

After some searching, it appears that could be an nvidia function failing. I wouldn't think is a showstopper if it is tied to nvidia since i'm using an AMD Radeon graphics card.

Are there any other players out there experiencing something similar with the latest patch where uninstalling the addons didn't resolve the issue? Hopefully you have some tips for me on getting back in game.

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Alright, I've found out what was keeping me from booting up. Although i'm not using the d9d12pxy specifically, i'm using something identical for Linux.

I had to run my wine prefix as soWINEPREFIX=/path/to/wine/prefix wine ninewinecfgthe window that popped up let me uncheck the setting to disable it for now. I haven't done testing on the FPS changes but last time I was running in this state it was pretty brutal. Here's to hoping it's smooth or the proxy issue is resolved at large.

Hopefully this helps some other fellow linux players out!

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