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Beware: Boneskinner's Spine usable in its own Mystic Forge Recipe

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I was trying to figure out how to get the empowered version of the Boneskinner's Spine, and I figured it was a Mystic Forge recipe, seeing as other boneskinner weapons are usable in the mystic forge with amalgamated draconic lodestones (and I have not figured out any further reagents). I found I could use the Boneskinner's Spine with 10 amalgamated draconic lodestones, 10 globs of ectoplasm, and 50 eitrite ingots, and I tried it. Unfortunately, it just returned the Boneskinner's Spine, but account bound and with sigils removed, and also ate all the other reagents in the process. I imagine this was due to the Boneskinner's Spine registering as the exotic staff reagent for its own creation recipe, and resultantly created itself from itself. I've already submitted a support ticket about it, seeing as I lost nearly 180g from that, but I wanted other players trying to find the recipe to beware about this. Furthermore, if anyone does know the recipe, I'd love it if they could share, seeing as the wiki isn't updated to have it last I checked.

tl;dr don't use the boneskinner's spine in the same recipe used to create it, for it'll just recreate it and not upgrade it to the empowered version

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