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New mount skill


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A lot of people had speculated it might be a skimmer underwater skill, which not exactly fit into the theme of the new map. But after I got the mastery unlocked for it, I realized what it was meant to help with. All those snipers just about everywhere trying to fill you with holes aplenty.

It started as 5s stealth on 40s cdBut now after the new build? It got buffed to 8s stealth on 30s cd, and adding 8s of regen.That is really REALLY good to deal with ranged mobs trying to hit you. Primarilly using Skyscale myself, and using dash a lot, Ive not felt too bothered by the snipers. But its useful for when out of endurance.

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@LucianDK.8615 said:

@"Teratus.2859" said:The new mount ability is coming after the 8th Gw2 anniversary, it's wasnt released in this patch.Still a good couple months to go before we get it.

Huh, I see. But it would still be a new mount ability we got today, which wasnt advertised.

Yeah kinda :)Mounted Stealth seems kinda cool, I havent played any of the Drizzlewood map myself though so I have no idea how useful it is there.Avoiding it until the voice acting comes in ^^

The 8th anniversary will be starting on the 25th of August so it's about a month away give or take, I expect the new mount ability will be coming mid to late September.Probably more mid than late if I were to throw a guess on it.

I'm curious if we'll get anything else with it as well.. like some kind of Current Event or a one time Quest that will involve teaching this new ability to our Mount.They're making a point to sell this as some kind of big release event for Q3 so I would assume they'll be doing something like that rather than just a mail or something saying just a fyi, X mount can do this now have fun :D

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