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Make "lotto" exclusive items available for statuettes faster

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1 month before they can be bought for statuettes please.

I spent 100 keys or more for the fire breathing longbow and backpack. Didnt get and waited months to get it. I dont want to repeat this with the new wings. They are beautiful, I may spend 200 dollars TRYING to get it, but there is no guarantee. At least make these new items go on sale on gemstore, or buyable with statuettes faster please... for those the rng gods frown on

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As other people have said they do it this way because they want you to spend more on keys trying to get it. For Anet the ideal would be that you really like an item, spend more than you'd like to on keys trying to get it but don't get lucky, use the statuettes to buy something else as a consolation prize and then when the item is available for statuettes have to buy more keys to get enough statuettes to afford it.

If the item was available for statuettes immediately, or players knew it would be available very soon after that's less likely to happen. More people will only try for it until they've got enough statuettes then wait for that option.

The best thing you can do is vote with your wallet. Set yourself a limit for what you're willing to spend and stick to it, or only use keys until you have enough statuettes for the item you want (it's likely to be 60 for the account bound exclusive items) and then stop. If players take away the incentive for Anet to use this system they're more likely to change it.

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That reminds me that I'm still waiting for the Fallen Balthazar outfit to be on rotation again which hasn't happened in like a year. I really want that but I haven't had luck with chests back then and when I saw you can get it for statuettes I didn't have enough and now I'm sitting on them waiting for my item of desire to return.

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