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Charr Commendations bought at Quaestor not applied to achievement

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@Mor The Thief.9135 said:What's the point of having the option to choose the 2 new tracks if commendations don't go to them?Well, that's why I posted it in the bugs forum. :)

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I bought some, have Dominion selected, they went to Iron...or to all, but for sure to Iron because I got a reward (from Iron).Please fix.

The 250 I bought (2 x 125) didn't trigger any reward at all. I assumed they were just lost because I didn't account for the possibility of them being split over the tracks as I've never used that option at all. I will try it again after the reset and pay close attentions to all tracks. Lottie probably already did that though, so I expect to see the same 4-way split result.

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