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Oh man... Priory Gear. Don't do what I did.

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I'm rather broke in GW2, but I've made a fair bit in the last few days helping others complete events in metas on certain maps. Sadly, I made the terrible mistake of buying all of the Priory gear from the vendor near the Durmand Priory. It gives you static stats, which is fine if that is what you want, but it's soulbound, cannot be salvaged, cannot be sold and cannot be thrown into the forge and it nets you an unselectable stat ascended amulet. I just wasted 100g and none of that stuff cannot be used on any other classes that I have. :anguished: Sad times.

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Isn't it also rares instead of exotics? I think that (like many things in GW2) the skins are meant to be the main appeal of the Order armour and weapons, rather than being a source of equipment with good stats. The items themselves are soulbound because it's supposed to only be available to members of the Order, although that's pretty irrelevant since the Wardrobe was introduced, but even without that I doubt many people would buy it for the skins.

Personally I think they look nice, especially some of the weapons. I'm also a bit disappointed that my ranger joined Whispers, because the Priory coat looks really good on her but it just doesn't seem right for her to wear it, unless she was under cover for some reason. (Which at this point seems impractical, I'm pretty sure many Priory members know who she is and must have guessed she got into the Pact via the Order of Whispers.)

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@Zephyr.5382 said:You've also unlocked a bunch of skins, unless you don't care for a single one of them....

It's 36 soulbound, unsalvageable rares. I'd rather not have 28+ slots taking up bank space. I do like some of the skins but my Elementalist with the priory can only use so many weapon types and wear one set of light armour. :cry: - I've got an exotic set already so I'll probably transmute. Oh well, the lesson is to be more careful in future. Still sucks they can't be salvaged or thrown into the forge. :disappointed:

Yep, Rares. @Danikat.8537.

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