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Frost Legion Infusion Requirements

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Today I was crafting the Tonics of Icebrood Corruption. At first this morning/afternoon the recipe of 500 shards, 200 Ectoplasm, and 250 Lumps of Glass was giving me a 10 output from the Mystic forge. I crafted 300 tonics before all of a sudden everything changed. The mystic forge was now only giving me 1 per 50 shards, 20 ectoplasm, and 25 Lumps of glass. So I was okay. I crafted 1 at a time in the MF and made 200 more. I consumed a total of 600 tonics. I should have this Frost Legion Achievement.

This seems like a bug. First what happened to the 400 tonics I already crafted before this change? No achievement points, and thousands of gold spent later, you get nothing to show for it all to see that you now need 300 more tonics to get the infusion. What happened to the 100 "Taste Like Peppermint" tonics? What happened to 200 "The Long, Cold Road" tonics consumed? What happened to 400 "The Darkest Hour" tonics consumed. In actuality, I consumed 600 Tonics of Icebrood Corruption. 100 for the first achievement, 100 more for the second, 200 more for the third achievement, and 200 more after that, totaling 600 because originally it showed in the achievement panel that I needed 200 more. Nope Im at 600 tonics consumed and still no infusion because of a change all of a sudden. So is it all of a sudden 900 tonics to consume for the infusion? I hope that I can get an account role back of all the thousands of gold I spent or if this is a bug.

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