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Thank you, ANET. For the July 28, 2020 update to mounts.

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@Mil.3562 said:This has to be sarcasm... (whispered : right?)

lol probably.

I don't really see the use of a 5 sec mount stealth on a 40 sec cooldown. I guess it could help to avoid the snipers in Northern Drizzlewood Coast, but I have had no trouble so far avoiding them anyway using a skimmer with all the bond masteries from crystal champion and using the hover increase/decrease to dodge their shots.

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In area's where I prefer to be stealthed, I take my deadeye.What suprises me is that a lot of people are unaware of this:When you enter stealth (be it deadeye, mesmer, engi, whatever) and mount up, you REMAIN stealthed.So basically this skill for me only ads 5 seconds to the sheer amount I can generate before mounting.

To be quite honest, when I trained this new ability and saw how the stealth was executed (you and your mount fully dissapearing and only a puff of smoke left) I was dissapointed. I would've prevered the "glass" look over this tbh

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