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Network Issues - EU Server - PoF Maps Skill Lag Spikes (1/5 seconds)

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Hello Network Admins

  • As requested by ticket support team (Teox and ICoffee) in reference to ticket number 7816529;
  • I'm making a public forum "post" so you can have access to all the data needed to repair the network issue plaguing my experience in PoF Maps.

As per the ticket logs (i was told you would have access) there is some sort of issue, IMO between the ITALY AWS node and your main EU Servers that is causing lag spikes for skills, up to 5/6 seconds between clicking and the skill "performing", making game play in PoF maps almost impossible.

This is NOT happening in any other map to my personal experience, having invested around 200 hours of game time in the last few months in PRE PoF content on a new char, but the moment i started my quest line in the expansion, especially in Desert Highlands it's present every time i try to play.

I've found a "partial" fix, by forcing the game client to HTTPS (port 443) i get a different IP in PoF maps (/ip command) and it seams to be a some what fix for the issue.

Full logs of my pc, exhaustive network logs and videos are found in the ticket, reply here or there if more info is needed).

It's week 3 of this issue for me and tech support says their unable to offer new help/info still (checked this morning) so "help me network admins, you'r our only hope" ;)

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Updating with new info...

switched back to normal game client last night (without the HTTPS work around) seamed to be a bit better in Desolation (PoF map) but off and on still having lag (ping is pretty stable but server response for skills will lag "out" for 1/3 seconds not every tick but often enough to degrade game experience. had hoped the new patch included some fixes but it did not seam to help much ..

@ArenaNet Team.4819 any updates from the Network Admins ? do we have an ETA ?

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small update, the last 3 nights seamed to be better (with https and without) but last night was awful without the https "work around" i was getting over 3 second skill lags , specially while doing map meta in desolation (pof). can i get an update from the network admins on the fix?

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