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Crystallized Blood of Jormag should be a Crafting Material

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Dear Developers

Shards of Crystallized Blood of Jormag should be a crafting material in my opinion instead of a trophy. Most trophies, especially those that are achievement related, don’t have any value outside of a collection and it’s a bit confusing the way it is right now. Even though the comment that it should be thrown in the Mystic Forge does grant us a hint, it doesn’t indicate its actual value. If they were a crafting material it would be clear that they are worth something and useful for anything.Furthermore it would be quite a Quality of Life improvement if they could be stored in the Material Storage section of the bank.

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It's not something you save unless you think someday they will go up in value so there is no reason to have them in storage. Sell or buy 25k are basically the 2 options not let 250-2000 rot in your storage plus anyone slowly making the infusion convert them into potions not holds them

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