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[EU] [PvE-Raids] Legend Makers is recruiting!


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Legend Makers is a newly formed guild recruiting active and like-minded players.

We are exclusively aimed towards raiding, strike missions and T3/T4 fractals.

This guild is open to anyone willing to invest seriously in raids and to commit a minimum of two evenings per week to them. We aim to raid from 21:00 to 00:00 (CEST - If you do not know what time it is for you in this timezone, click here.).

We require people to have at least some gear with Agony Resistance. No toughness unless you like getting hit. This guild is beginner friendly, this means we do not require kill proofs or legendary insights. Veterans are welcome if they want to join a regular raiding team but they must keep in mind that they will find themselves among less experienced raiders.

While beginner friendly, we still require people to be committed and available. If you join this community, the objective is to participate in all of our raids.

Strike missions will also be organized as well as T3 and T4 fractals but those are not mandatory.

Since this guild is aimed to be a convenient way for people to have a solid and static raiding team, representation is not required.


The two founders of this guild used to run a hardcore non-elitist PvE guild on another popular MMORPG. We decided to create a guild in Guild Wars 2 to have a raiding team we can rely on and clean all the content available. This guild is not a continuation of our previous guild and shouldn't be seen as a hardcore guild.

Overall we just aim to form a first solid raiding team. Since we are used to run this type of community, we thought it would be an interesting thing to do instead of joining an already existing one. We want people to enjoy their time and have fun, this means not yelling at them or getting angry. This also mean be sufficiently focused and serious while raiding not to create annoyance for the other members of the squad.


Our mindset is simple: We want players willing to invest themselves in a friendly environment. We do not want to build a massive guild. We want to keep the number of guild members to a small number to be able to have the same players every raid and progress efficiently. The ultimate objective of the guild is farm all raids as smoothly as possible and clear all challenge motes in every raid.

Having the super-optimal raiding team is not the primary objective we have. We would rather not have a banner slave than force someone to play it . This does not mean players can just come with random gear and traits.


  • No toxicity whatsoever towards anyone from within or outside the guild. This would lead to a guild kick.
  • Be reliable: It's a team activity, planning ahead is difficult enough without unexpected leavers.
  • Always bring a character you master to raids. The character should also have a decent gear and complement the raid roster. We do not carry people, everyone must be able to pull their own weight.

If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to let us know here or in-game.

You can contact either Zeeg.7340 or Kulvar.1239 or joining our Discord server directly: https://discord.com/invite/KkVHddG.

I hope you guys will have great time in our guild! >:D

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