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New Pets for Rangers - [Merged]

Game of Bones.8975

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First and foremost, they need to rebalance the current pets so that 99% of them aren't total trash.

Then they can look at adding in new pets.

As far as actually seeing new pets... We probably will. Given that we've gotten some HoT zone pets (Bristleback, Smokescale and Wyverns) and PoF zone pets (Rock Gazelle, Sand Lion, Jacaranda, Iboga and Cheetah), we're likely going to get some new pets in the next expansion.

Though, I wouldn't mind seeing additional pets being available though of course, the primary concern is making the current ones not complete trash where your options are basically, Birb (For PvP), Bear (For OW PvE), Smokescale, Bristleback, Wyvern and Rock Gazelle...

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I see everyone's point of revamping the pets we have can access.

I brought a similar argument a while ago. I wanted pets to have the ability to "evolve" much the way they were able to in GW1.

Right now you charm a Juvenile "X" and they don't change at all.

Give pets two or three alternate forms of attack. Just to avoid power creep, they would be used in place of the current attack mode, not in addition to.

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Instead of new pets , I would like to see a more diverse variation on the pet skills . Many of the reasons many of the pets don't get used is because they are either completely useless , or have the same skills as many others with only slight differences . I would like to see pets be able to support the group with more variety of boons , cleanse , boon conversion , heals ect. depending on the pet being used . This would certainly give rangers a more active roll in group activities.

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I expect we'll see several new pets added with the next expansion.. still hoping for a Panda though that one often gets the Chinese government all whiney when it's put in games.. Gw1 had Panda's though so I couldn't give a damn if it annoys some people on the other side of the planet, I want an awesome Pandabro watching my back lol.

I'm in agreement with people talking about old pets too.. some of them really could use some TLC.

On a number of occasions i've started making threads on how I think that could be done but I never posted them.. too many "nah that wouldn't work" moments when re-reading them.I do think one of the biggest issues with pets is there are just too many identical ones with the only real differences being their skin and F2 ability.Soulbeasts also get the Archtype differences to factor into their choices which defines their stat gain and one of their beast skills when they fused, but this only applies to them not Core Rangers and Druids so it's largely irrelevant to the bulk of the Ranger class and we see a lot of pets just never being used because there's just better ones to choose from even among their own species.

I think making the pet system more customizable might be a possible solution but how that can be done I havent a solid idea on.Being able to customize the F2 skill you get and the skin of your pet would be pretty cool, as would being able to have some control over your pets stats and maybe skills.I'm not saying All Felines for example should be able to have Jaguars Stealth F2 but rather each Feline should have a couple of F2 options to choose from other Felines skills.For Example, Tigers could get, Stalkers Mighty Roar and Lynx's Rending Pounce as options along side their Furious Pounce.Likewise Cheetah could get Jaguars Stalk along with its own Savannah Strike as options.

Perhaps each pet could also get X amount of points removed evenly from their overall stats (maybe 50-100 per stat.. so a total of 250-500 free points) and we get to distribute those points in the stats we want to improve instead.

It would take a fair bit of work to re-do the system and make it customizable like that and naturally would need a lot more fleshing out than I can think up as well as balancing etc.But something does need to be done to improve the pet system in some way.

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Since Cantha is coming, we will probably have a new batch of pets. Here is the one that I think could likely make it:

  • The white tiger: A strong candidate since they just need to change the color of an existing pet.
  • The crane: A canthan's classic.
  • The lurker (crab): A jade sea classic.
  • The wallow: The big rats used by the kurzik as pets.

I'm not saying the turtle because I believe that as a military asset of the luxon they might have been exterminated in the conflict against the kurzik and replaced by mechanic vehicle (since technology birthed engineers).

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Still waiting on my pet Aataxe.

They'll never make pets 'good' though, too many complaints. It's the reason we eventually got Soul Beast in the first place.

Way, way back there were a few devs who thought that a Ranger could solo dungeons (yes those things people used to run) with just the two pets they have. Then there was a whole player fiasco about pets being able to chase people down across PvP and EBG (the days where people cried about stealthed stalkers of all things). That led to the great pet damage nerf and leashing, but then it was discovered pets can't actually hit anything and die instantly in AOEs (they can't dodge). So we got Soul Beast, and now doubled down Soul Beast to where you basically have a single pet (can't swap in combat).

So I don't even know what they do with expansion content at this point. If you give a spec with pets, you run into the issues Core/Druid has, being useless at group content because the pet is a liability. Also the matter of squishier pets being insta nuked by burning stacks and disco balls. Running both pets simultaneously is probably out because people would really complain then.

I mean I hate to say it, but not really looking forward to the expansion at the moment. I believe Ranger has mostly reached the end of its lifespan as far as the game is concerned. With the power nerfs and 'tradeoff' nerfs with nothing to compensate, and the previous history on pets...it doesn't look great.

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Pets could use a major reworking:

  • Make the pet dodge with the Ranger.
  • Change all skills and traits that benefit the Ranger to also benefit the pet, no "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't".
  • Merged player and pet health pool, with cleave and AoE only able to hit one or the other, not both.
  • Pets tamed only by families (canine, feline, etc.), with the skin completely separate, and all skins made possible to obtain.
  • All melee pets can hit while moving, no rooting in place.
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@Gotejjeken.1267 said:

I mean I hate to say it, but not really looking forward to the expansion at the moment. I believe Ranger has mostly reached the end of its lifespan as far as the game is concerned. With the power nerfs and 'tradeoff' nerfs with nothing to compensate, and the previous history on pets...it doesn't look great.

As a ranger main I share your concern. In fact, I get an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking about it.

Maybe it's a lack of creativity on my part, but I, too, see the soulbeast as more or less the end of the line on ranger development. They finally gave us an option to remove the pet and take back the stats siphoned off to those pets, which I see as an admission that they're not really ever going to 'fix' pets. Looking forward to another 8 years (if we're that lucky) of seeing ranger pets whiff every single attack on golems walking in circles.

The only possible evolution that I see working would be to rip off revenants, and have rangers be able to pick two pets to channel like revs have two spirits to swap between. I don't think we'd need to go so far as clone energy management, but like rev perhaps each family of pets would have an identical heal/utility/elite loadout. In terms of raw stat bonuses, the current soulbeast archetypes could still apply when you're channeling a particular pet. Due to the lock on heal/utility/elite choice, it wouldn't be exactly like having the old soulbeast with 2 pets to choose from in combat. But seeing the idea written out... seems kinda dumb and imbalanced, even to me.

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