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Should Blind be changed?

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this condition always felt wierd and inconsistent because it relies on being spammed wich means its useless in some professions and ridiculously powerful on those that can pulse or spam it

so what if we changed blind so that it dint get removed after attacking but rather gave a 50% Miss chance debuff?of course would need to balance out some skills and stuff cuz then it would be absurd seeing the blind spam professions applying 4 minute long blinds in condi duration builds

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Blind: Reduces Crit chance (by half or to 0%, as needed by game balance). PvP has a big problem with bursty damage anyway, and a lot of that comes from crit/ferocity/power multiplicative synergy, so having Blind clip that would slow things down.And it wouldn't be so annoying to deal with enemies who spam Blind in PvE. Fast weapons have less of a problem with it, but when enemies randomly slap it on while a slower weapon is in motion, it's super frustrating. That, and PvE also has an issue with huge gaps in damage from the damage-trinity synergy.

And while that's out there, change up Weakness to a flat damage-reduction.I could add more about how it's otherwise worthless on PvE enemies, because they have no stamina, and since they don't, a blanket damage reduction would at least make Weakness worth using.

Oh, and Stability needs a full revamp again. :+1:

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@"Trise.2865" said:That's what it was before, and it slowed combat down too much. It made Blind too "fire and forget" rather than proactive. So they made Blind a mirror for Aegis instead, and sped up skills that caused Blind. It's better this way.

I remember Blind always being as is, playing since beta - to double check my memory i searched the wiki and it also doesn't mentioned the condition ever being any different than it is now either.

That said, I do much prefer proactive gameplay elements to passive chance debuffs.The only thing that ever really bothered me about Blind is how utterly useless it feels in certain non-trash mob PvE environments.

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