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@Botinhas.2018 said:Pve carebears cry kitten on anet live streams so anet devs drop best fight servers on t5, just so that bandwagon carebear servers can freely steamroll upleveled blobs on t1-t2 GiGi

maybe the bandwagoners should learn to do some ppt instead of chasing ez farm all day every day unless ofc they wanna stay in tShit that is

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It is simple, just win every fight AND have a commander 20 hours a day. No problem. Fight servers are the perfect for PPTing because they can def every thing and reset most of the enemy ones.

So fight servers just need to tag up more, surely they have lot of commanders. Casual servers put in extra hours to it because they can enjoy taking some empty keeps.

Anyways, fight servers shouldn't complain about having no link. Now they can PPT as much as they want without getting bandvagoners.

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