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SOS Server only: Returning Casual Player Looking for Casual Guild (Any time zone)


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Hi everyone,

First of all, I have been playing since its launch. More active on WvW followed by Pve contents. No Pvp. I am a working adult in my 30s in Sea zone time. Been not so active in recent years due to work and travelling commitments. My wife occassionally will use my account too. So both of us will take turns to play once a while.Been with Sos server on 2nd year till now. Have been through a few guilds but have since moved on to other servers as they are competitive.And manage to stick with 1 guild for a couple of years contributing as and when. But realized that our rank was not promoted as much, Guild was not active anymore and leaders have abandoned and items we contributed and donated cannot be withdrawn. As much as we wana stay and be loyal I left the guild.

What I can do for the Guild: Main 2 characters I used alot Elementalist ( Tempest ) follow by , Guardian or (Dragonhunter)
A) Contributions and Help if neededB) LoyaltyC) No Idea?

Guild I am looking for:

1) SOS Server only. ( Best community )2) Opting for either Casual Small to Medium sized Guild , not competitive ( Best if its casual friends, family stytles, even u have 10 members I wouldn't mind, Eu, Na, SeaTime zones doesn't matter )3) I need to have a Higher rank or Officer to be able to contribute or withdraw ( Rest assure I will contribute and withdraw when necessary only, will seek permission )4) Sometimes I will be very active and inactive for months dues to work commitments, sometimes my wife will play abit but I am loyal just hope that your guild do not move to other server !!

Pm me Xkaitox.7532

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