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[Suggestion] Propose the Next Elite!


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@Shirlias.8104 said:

@rapthorne.7345 said:As much as scourge addresses the lack of support for Necromancer, I would still love to see a Haemomancer (blood mage).

A class themed around blood used to heal perhaps based on condition damage, whereby bleeding enemies heals allies, etc etc.

Hmmm maybe Elixir skills.Or couldn't be related?

a witch that throws potions or channels/ chants to remove and buff

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Revenant - Broodslayer

Lore and ThemeLegendary Slayer, Asgeir Dragonrender. Battlemaster, favored of the Spirits of the Wild, builder of Hoelbrak. The Norn who struck a tooth from Jormag himself and even slayed his favored champion Frostfang in a single blow. Channeling his might, the Broodslayer shares in the favor of the Spirits of the Wilds that Asgeir held, however to do so they must first prove their mettle before the Spirits. The Broodslayer gains access to Spirit Quests which, when completed, turns them from a regular hero into a true force of Legend. As the spiritual successor to the Norn who faced Jormag and lived, the Broodslayer's duty is to cull the dragons' minions and reclaim the ancestral lands of the Norn once and for all, but their journey extends even further than Asgeir's own: They are challenge-seekers, driven to prove their mettle against the worst Tyria has to offer. It takes determination, fortitude and grit to be the strongest there is, but the Broodslayer backs for no challenge, from mortal or dragon or god alike.

RoleThe Broodslayer is a Bruiser Archetype, building upon the concepts of high sustain, resistance to CC and large Spike Damage. In return, the Broodslayer on their own do not possess any remarakable party Support options nor a particularily high DPS, however they're not entirely without Options as through Traits, they learn to share their own unique buffs with allies instead.It changes the Playstyle of the Revenant remarkably as the Spirit Quests are lengthy in design and take time to finish, necessitating a playstyle involving high sustain as you'd want to avoid going down in between encounters in order to maintain your Spirit Favors. The Snowball potential of a Broodslayer is immense, as a player with all 4 Spirit Quests completed will have a massive advantage in both duels and team fights. Asgeir pairs well with most of the other legends, particularily Mallyx to combat Conditions or Ventari to sustain through healing. Jalis offers even more CC and Damage resistance, while Shiro offers more Mobility and offense for potential snow-balling and High-risk/high-reward playstyles.

Weapon: GreatswordThe Blade was Asgeir's weapon of choice, and in the Broodslayer's hand it's a force to be reckoned with. The weapon's greatest strengths are sustain and versatility, a Power-based weapon with massive Spike damage potential with access to both Blocks and Evades, making it the perfect weapon for taking on tougher adversaries on your own.

  • Cleaving Strike -> Raging Strike -> Piercing Blade - Cleave through the mists, sending out shockwaves to strike enemies at a medium-range distance while simultaneously striking enemies in melee range. Final strike pierces through the Mists, sending out a long-range thrust that Weakenes enemies it strikes.
  • Brave Charge - Leap into a mist rift and appear at your target’s location with a Chilling Strike. Evades attacks while leaping.
  • Gather Power -> Sundering Quake - Charge up a slow, massive strike that cascades outwards from you in 3 waves, Blocking attacks while charging. You gain Power Charges with each pulse as you charge. Activate again to cancel the charge and instantly activate the chain Skill. Sundering Quake deals increased Damage and Knocks Back for each Power charge. Acts as a Blast Finisher.
  • Vicious Descent - Raise your weapon and call down a massive Blade from the Mists at the target area, Immobilizing enemies struck while granting Fury to nearby Allies.
  • Reaving Mists - Zig-zag viciously through the Mists, evading attacks while striking nearby enemies. Tear open rifts at enemies you strike that pulse Chill to nearby enemies, before they collapse and Blind enemies.

Mechanic: Spirit QuestsAsgeir himself gained the favor of the four Spirits of the Wild: Bear, Wolf, Snow Leopard and Raven. The Broodslayer aims to follow in his footsteps, but to do so they must prove themselves to the same Spirits, becoming worthy in their eyes to recieve their boon. To do this, they embark on Spirit Quests in combat, which are lengthy in design but when completed results in a great buff to their Attributes. Only 1 Spirit Quest can be active at any time. Completing a Spirit Quest refreshes the duration of attained Favors by 15s.

  • F2: Trial of Bear30s Duration. Take Damage, Block or Evade attacks 30 times. Upon Completion, you gain +150 Toughness and Vitality for 45s. Cooldown: 15s. You cannot undertake this Trial again until you’ve lost Bear’s Favor.
  • F3: Trial of Wolf30s Duration. Apply Boons to or Heal nearby allies or yourself 30 times. Upon Completion, you gain +150 Healing Power and Concentration for 45s. Cooldown: 15s. You cannot undertake this Trial again until you’ve lost Wolf’s Favor.
  • F4: Trial of Snow Leopard30s Duration. Strike and Damage enemies 30 times. Upon Completion, you gain +150 Power and Ferocity for 45s. Cooldown: 15s. You cannot undertake this Trial again until you’ve lost Snow Leopard’s Favor.
  • F5: Trial of Raven30s Duration. Apply Conditions or Disable enemies 30 times. Upon Completion, you gain +150 Condition Damage and Expertize for 45s. Cooldown: 15s. You cannot undertake this Trial again until you’ve lost Raven’s Favor.

Utility Skills: Legendary Slayer StanceThe Legendary Dragonslayer Stance offers a wide variety of Utility Skills that are based around the Spirits of the Wild. The Elite Skill summons Asgeir's blade from the mist and strikes down with his legendary power. Like the Dragonslayer himself, if all Spirit Quests have been completed, the Elite Skill allows for the Broodslayer to finish off his enemy in a single strike.

  • Bear’s Fortitude - Healing Skill.Heal yourself and gain Pulsing Protection for a short time. When you’re Attacked, you also gain Stability and Heal yourself for a small amount.
  • Wolf’s Pack - Upkeep Skill (-7)Summon a pack of wolves from the Mists to surround you, pulsing Swiftness to yourself and nearby allies. The wolves lash out against nearby enemies, Damaging them. Acts as an Ice Field.
  • Snow Leopard’s Prowl -> Snow Leopard’s PounceBreak out of Stun and Stealth yourself. While stealthed, this skill flips over to Pounce. Pounce leaps at the targeted Enemy, Knocking them Down and leaving them Vulnerable. Acts as a Leap Finisher.
  • Raven’s EyesSend an echo of a Raven flying forwards, Revealing enemies it passes through and removing a boon from each. The Raven then returns to you, granting you the removed Boons.
  • Dragon's Bane - Elite Skill.Summon Asgeir’s blade from the Mists and unleash all your might on nearby enemies. Deals 25% of remaining enemy HP for each completed Spirit Quest. This skill is Unblockable and unaffected by Blind or Weakness. Enemies downed by this skill are immediately Defeated. Defiant enemies will instead be dealt massive Damage, rather than a % of their HP.

Specialization Line:


  • Spirits’ Chosen - You gain access to Spirit Quests and the Legendary Slayer Stance.
  • Invigorating Favor - You gain Energy when you successfully complete a Spirit Quest and earn their Favor.
  • Determined Quester - While you’re undertaking a Spirit Quest, you take 10% Less Damage and Condition Damage from all sources.


  • Journeyman - You gain +120 Vitality. You gain 5% of your Toughness and Vitality as Power.
  • Unbreakable - Reduces the effects of Vulnerability on you. Reduction: 50%.
  • Quester’s Boon - Convert Conditions into Boons when you complete a Spirit Quest.


  • Insurmountable - Gain Stability (1 stack, 4s) when you activate a Legendary Dragonslayer stance skill.
  • Legendary Blade - Critical Hits with Greatsword skills causes your next Attack to become Unblockable. ICD: 5s.
  • Fearless Initiation - You’re Invulnerable for 1s when first entering Combat. This resets when you complete a Spirit Quest.


  • Quest of Centuries - Spirit Quests lasts 50% Longer. Determined Quester now remains for a time after completing a Spirit Quest and its bonuses are increased to 20%.
  • Quest of Heroes - Spirit Favors are now 25% more effective and shared with up to 5 Allies, however to complete the quest you and your allies must perform the task 150 times between eachother. Radius: 600.
  • Quest of Legends - Heal yourself when you start and Complete a Spirit Quest, the Healing increasing for each already completed Spirit Quest. Spirit Favors last 33% Longer.
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Revenant: The Fallen

okay maybe this is a bit too soon but we get the fallen god Balthazar as a legend with greatsword as your weapon

Weapon skill 2: impale, long cast massive power spike but easily missable

Weapon skill 3: flame spiral, big aoe flame spiral that does moderate dmg

Weapon skill 4: blinding power, gain 25 might for the next 3 seconds and blind people looking towards you

Weapon skill 5: flaming chains, 2 second stun that does extra damage when it ends only if the enemy is under 50% health

So I'm gonna talk about role first so that it leads into f skills

So the role is sortof of a dps debuffer duelist basically you have unique debuffs that you can put on a single Target in order to make hits or conditions do more damage to them

So there'll be a separate resource called stolen power which you'll build up every time you spend 10 energy Balthazar will take some of your health a get one stack of stolen power which will be used for f skills

When you use an f skill it'll use up all your stolen power and Balthazar will ignite the targeted opponent with a debuffer depending on which skill you use for instance f2 will make the target take 20% more power dmg and f3 20% more condition dmg f4 will passively steal health from the target and return it to you

As for utilities the heal can be a 10 upkeep or some high cost that will make you invulnerable to power attacks and cleanse one condition every 2 second with a small heal every second

I'm not sure about the rest of the utilities or what they'd be called though and I'm not really sure about traits either

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– Guardians that want to take the fight in their own hands and control the battlefield to better them and their allies. Mobility and Control are the themes for this SPEC. (Basically mixing the mobility of Dervish, resilience of Paragon, plus a dash of Monk support. )NOTE: ALL NUMBERS CAN BE CHANGED. :D


Resource: Radiant Fervor Bar (RF)Using skills, hitting foes, applying boons, healing, blocking attacks, and evading attacks grants Radiant Fervor. If not used, Radiant Fervor will degenerate after a while. Radiant Fervor is required to activate your enchantments. (Prob would have an aura system where your boots, gloves, and chest piece would radiate based on the level of charge or if you activated your enchantment).


  • Passive:Burn foes every few attacks.+5% damage and action speed. Additionally, gain .16% damage and .20% action speed per 1% of Radiant Fervor. (Max 20% and 25%, respectively)Active:(33% RF)Send out a wave of flame and light in all directions, burning and applying vulnerability to foes hit. Your attacks for the next 6s are unavoidable and you gain your max passive bonuses.

VoR--> GREAVES of FAITH (GoF)(CD:18s)

  • Passive:Regenerates health.+20% movement speed and jump height. Additionally, gain .16% movement speed and .30% jump height per 1% of Radiant Fervor. (Max 35% and 50%, respectively)Active:(33% RF)Quickly rise into the sky, consuming 2 movement impairing effects and releasing a blast wave of light that heals nearby allies, grants then regeneration, and applies “Resolute’s Wish”(12s). For the next 8s you gain your max passive bonuses and reduce the duration of movement impairing effects by 75%.--> Resolute’s Wish increases the amount of healing received from all sources by 50%.

VoC--> EGIS of VALOR (EoV)(CD:22s)

  • Passive:Grants Aegis every few seconds.+5% Boon Duration and -5% Condition Duration. Additionally, gain .20% Boon Duration and -.20% Condition Duration per 1% of Radiant Fervor. (Max 25% and -25%, respectively)Active:(33% RF)Bellow out your valor, breaking stun, converting conditions and granting allies aegis, protection, and resistance while taunting nearby foes. For the next 8s you gain 15% damage reduction and your max passive bonuses.

Weapon: Spear(two-handed)(Low-Mid damage)

Resolutes are trained to take the enemy on either close or distanced, versatility favors those who are one with the fight and can read their enemies.

  • [1, Melee] Vulnerable Thrust: Stab forward applying vulnerability.

  • [Chain 1] Spear Uppercut: Swing the butt of your spear forward, upper cutting your target and applying weakness and vulnerability.

  • [Chain 2] Radiant Slash: Slash down in front of you summoning the flames of virtue, burning foes while granting you fury and might.

  • [1, Ranged] Valiant Toss: Toss you spear at a target piercing and bleeding foes.

  • [2, Melee] Symbol of Redemption(CD:8s): Leap forward, crashing down unto the ground damaging, crippling, and weakening foes while dropping a symbol of redemption.-Symbol of Redemption: grants might and quickness to allies and damages and slows foes.

  • [2, Ranged] Zealot’s Vault(CD:10s): Vault in movement direction and pierce spears through nearby foes, marking them. When marked, enemies take passive damage and the Guardian can activate the skill again to consume and erupt the marks, blinding and damaging the enemies.

  • [3, Melee] Light’s Tear(CD:14s)(CD/charge:7s): Disappear as light and tear through the area in front of you damaging, blinding, and bleeding your target. Grants you fury and can be used midair. Skill holds 3 charges MAX.

  • [3, Ranged] Spear Point of Wrath(CD:12s): Summon ethereal spearheads from below an enemy inflicting cripple, vulnerability, and bleeding.

  • [4, Melee] Luster Rend(CD:24s): Whirl once around cleaving the air with light, sending out a razor sharp wave of light that cuts through foes. Pushes back foes while inflicting blindness, weakness, bleed, and vulnerability. Gain fury and might.

  • [4, Ranged] Dwayna’s Nail(CD:32s): Charge up a massive spear of light then throw it in a targeted direction, piercing and blinding all foes hit and revealing them. This attack is unavoidable and knocks back foes. Leaves a ward trail behind.

  • [5] Resolute Exchange(CD:5s): Swap stance from melee to range. Grants you might, regen and protection. Weapon skills all have a 1s global cooldown when changing stance.

Physical skills:


  • Focused Respire(CD:26s): Focus your breathing and pulse out healing, regen, resistance, and protection while pushing back foes. You can charge this skill up to 4s, pulsing every second, but remain still while doing so.
  • Sequence--> Focused Resolve(CD:26s): Breathe out, cleansing conditions and releasing a radial shockwave of light that pushes back and damages foes while healing allies. Gain regen, might, fury, stability and aegis.


  • Barb of Judgement(CD:20s): Summon ethereal thorns upon your armor for 7s. Gain additional thorns, might, and retaliation each second you have Barb of Judgement active. While Barb of Judgement is active, retaliation damage is doubled. (Goes on reduced cooldown if active isn’t used during the duration.)Sequence--> Piercing Rebuke(CD:28s): Crouch down and launch all the thorns out from your armor. The thorns damage and inflict vuln, bleed, weakness, and cripple. Damage scales based on how many thorns you gained.

  • Hasten(CD:16s): Take a stance and charge your legs with radiant power gaining stability while increasing movement speed by 20% and reducing duration of movement impairing effects by 25%(stacks with GoF). Lasts 6s. (Goes on reduced cooldown if active isn’t used during the duration.)Sequence--> Ardent Charge(CD:34s): Release the energy stored in your legs and charge forward searing the air around you, while leaving a trail of blue flame. Foes in the charge path are knocked back and burned. The speed of the charge is further increased by any movement speed buffs and you are immune to cc during the charge. This skill is unblockable.

  • Cascading Will(CD:30s): Stomp the ground with holy magic, releasing a cascading shockwave of light from the earth. Foes caught in the shockwave are launched and crippled. Grants you and nearby allies might, fury, and aegis. Skill changes if used mid-air. After the stomp, in the next 3 seconds, you can activate the skill again, if not it goes on cooldown.Mid-air--> Radiant Comet(CD:30s): Plummet to the ground releasing [Cascading Will] effect on impact. Impact damage is increased based on how high you fell, and if from a great enough height fears foes on impact. Falling Damage is reduced by 90%. After the impact, in the next 3 seconds, you can activate the skill again, if not it goes on cooldown.Sequence--> Resolute’s Roar (CD:30s): Send out a reverberating roar that grants you protection, resistance, and taunts nearby foes.

  • Blazing Palms(CD:18s): Consume your hands in blue flames for 10s, burning foes each attack. The first foe you hit will be marked, and all burning applied on you is instead converted into regeneration. (Goes on reduced cooldown if active isn’t used during the duration.)Sequence--> Lustrous Emission(CD:30s): Consume the flames on your palm and disappear in blue fire, reappearing behind marked target. On teleport, summon an erupting pillar of blue flame from under the target, launching and burning them. Target gains the “Charred Hope” debuff for 6s, this reduces their armor by 30%.


  • Seraph of Light(CD:25s): Take stance, absorbing all conditions, boons, and breaking all cc/stuns, after which sprout grand golden wings and sore up high into the sky. You are suspended in air and for the next 3 seconds you may activate the skill again, otherwise fall back to the ground. (Goes on reduced cooldown if active isn’t used during the duration.)Sequence--> Last Hope(CD:110s): Dive to target location at immense speed crashing down in a torrent of blue flame and light, dazing and revealing foes closest to the impact location and launching other nearby foes. Enemies hit are inflicted with burning, slow, weakness, vuln, and are blinded, while nearby allies are healed and gain might, fury, aegis, and protection. You additionally gain 150 toughness, 150 vitality, and superspeed for 8s. This skill is unblockable and ignores stability.


-Had ideas of making some traits more supportive like, grants your enchantment passive bonuses to allies on active, and others to enhanced the tankier aspects like when you cc someone gain XX amount of vitality or toughness but deal XX% less damage while active. Maybe also have one path more melee spear based and another ranged spear based, the possibilities are endless haha.

Thank you to any and all that read this!!! Probably will re-post this in the guardian forum lol. (Love for all of us to get a Dev response tho haha)

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I don't know how to say or put all of these, but if we have the green light on you know, cross the line. I'd love to see p/p channeling shroud on Necromancer, like tactical middle range that rely on Stances (or other) which can enhance vigor uptime while can roam/recon or something like that though am not a designer, i have faith on ANet talents.If not, then i apologize for liking the thread starter for his/her Innovative approach on Thief far as concept is concern, i get carried away sometimes.

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Elite Name: BardClass: ThiefWeapon unlocked: Warhorn(main hand)Warhorn has no auto attack instead all Call skills cost 3 ini and return 2. The animations for Calls are short, Dirges are medium and Songs are channeled. Only one Song can be used per unlock meaning once you use one all others re lock. Warhorn range is 900 units.

Weapon Skills:

  1. Terror (Stealth attack) - PBAOE Fear
  2. Call of Battle - Damage target and grant nearby allies gain 1 sec of might / Dirge of the Mist (flip over) - Opens rift at target's location all foes inside take damage (unlocks Songs on warhorn 2 and 3) /Song of the Kodan (Locked flip over) - The air freezes chilling foes and increasing allies toughness
  3. Call of Light - Damage target and increases healing power of nearby allies / Nature's’ Dirge (flip over) - brambles appear emerge under you damaging and crippling foes (unlocks Songs on warhorn 1 & 3) /Song of the Tengu (locked flip over) - creates a sound barrier (think ring of warding) that enemies cannot cross

Warhorn / Dagger

  1. Call of Blood - Damage target and heals allies affected with damaging conditions / Dire of Storms (flip over) - Summons a storm cloud that follows your target and knocks down its nearby allies (unlocks Songs on warhorn 1 & 2) /Song of the Largos (locked flip over) - Reveals nearby foes and grant expertise to nearby allies


  1. Call of Lies - Damage target and nearby allies gain blur / Dirge of Sparks (flip over) - Shoot a spark of lightning that bounces between foes with a chance to interrupt (unlocks Songs on warhorn 1 &2) /Song of Quaggan (locked flip over) - Foes are dazed allies gain fury and quickness

Skill Category unlocked: Inspirations

Utility/Elite:Heal: Reprise - Heal yourself and reset the cooldown of nearby allies healing skillsUtility 1: Cannon - Gain fury. Your critical strikes causes your allies to criticalUtility 2: Fermata - Pauses the countdown on boons for you and nearby alliesUtility 3: Parody - You watch your allies for x seconds and copy the highest damage attack when time runs outUtility 4: Muse - You become inspired for the next x seconds becoming blurry and evading all attacksElite: Conductor - Your next three successful weapon skills will reduce the cooldown on your allies utility skills by 20 percent each.

Traits:Haven't worked out all the traits but...First line will enhance the ‘follow the leader’ feel of the class. The final trait will auto repeat meditations that you hearThe second will enhance personal attacks with a magic feeling. The final trait will auto chant mantras that you hearThe last line enhances group damage. The last trait will echo shouts that you hear

F1 changes :steal turns into follow me. Follow Me cripples your target and grants super speed to the bard and any allies moving towards the bard.

Role: Support

Mechanics: Many moons ago I played a bard on EverQuest. This is that bard translated to this game best I can but need more buttons.... They make your group better, a lot better. Sometime you don't notice until they aren't in the group anymore. They are true jack of all trades. If you look closely you’ll note that each call and dirge skills are inspired by a one of the core classes. The songs are nod to the idea that bards should be knowledgeable about lore.

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@Griever.8150 said:Honestly i'm kind of hoping for an update of the "original" specs of each professions before we get a new elite. Thieves for example, could use having a meta "cloak and dagger" playstyle that uses stealth and melee damage again. Its kind of what a lot of use signed up for when we first made our characters, not that Daredevil or Deadeye aren't fun additions, just sucks they completely (specially in Daredevil's case) trump the original playstyle.

You know... I sort of wonder how many elite specs are enough. I'm hoping that they stop at 3 (no more than 5) and figure something else out. The balance team is going to be tearing their hair out. Anyway would be kind of neat if they add an elite class that's just the core class but with very specific upgrades.

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I'm not sure if anyone else has suggested this already, but I just came up with an elite spec for engineers. I call it the forgeman (or just forge). If you remember, this was the original name of the scrapper elite spec from HoT, but instead of small drones you summon steam-powered robots that behave like the necromancer minions.

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@Shirlias.8104 said:

@nopoet.2960 said:Elite:
- Your next three successful weapon skills will reduce the cooldown on your allies utility skills by 20 percent each.

Seems too strong.

Honestly, if that's the biggest problem with the concept I'd be extremely proud.

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Elite Name: Marauder/PirateProfession: Warrior ( it's not a class you silly goose)Weapon unlocked: Dual pistolsWeapon Skills:1 - Shoot apply vuln - shoot apply vuln - shoot and weaken2 - shoot to Poison and chill foe.3- stun - if stun applies vuln and Immob4- Shoot, roll backwards and shoot again5 - Shoot around you and evade attacks

Skill Category unlocked: MinionsHeal : Summon a Pirate to heal you , command them to shoot healing bullets at allies (pierces)Utility 1: Summon a Parrot to attack, Command to daze a foe and fly away.Utility 2: Summon a drunk who applies poison and confusion on enemies, command to vomit leaving a trail that knocks down foes.Utility 3: Summon a first mate who fights along side you, command to increase his damage for 10 seconds, then he leaves.Utility 4: Summon a Deck hand who removes conditions from you and allies - Command to create an area of condition denial for 5 seconds.Elite: Summon a Pirate Ship that shoots enemies, knocking down every 10 seconds. Command to detonate (charge at foe and explode)Traits:: Description of Minor/GM traits ( or maybe just the essential traits which should make the Elite work )F1 changes: Modifies to F1 skill/s F1: a Volley of bullets that cripple foes., F2 - Summon an enchanted hook to attack foes ( 30s cd)Role: Supposed Role: Gimmick (Like Scrapper)Mechanics:He became a pirate, so Summons his ship crew to help fight.

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@nopoet.2960 said:

@Orpheal.8263 said:Utility Skill Type:
Instrument Kits

Love the idea of of instrument kits but Mesmers don't need another support role. Your next spec should be full out selfish DPS

You can be affected by your own Skill Effects as Minstrel too, like when you play a Melody and stand in its Area of Effect, then you will receive the Stat Boosts as well.Boons you receive from Songs ect. will let you receive them as well. Only because a Spec is called a Supporter, doesn't mean, that you can't rebuild it for DPS with the help of Sigils, Runes, Traits and the right Utility Skills (Kits) to do so, because I put among the Instruments also one, that is mainly for dealing damage - the E-Guitar

But also the Weapon Skills of the Shortbow I gave my concept can be quite good for some decent DPS, cause the Weapon would have a Skill that woudl work similar to the Rangers Rapidfire, with that you can deal in a short time multiple hits to a target, which can be used for DPS spikes then, when you use this under full buffs, while standing in your attribute raising melodies ect.Instrument Kits are the only way, how you can give a Minstrel the complexity and build diversity, that a class like this needs to be trustworthy as a representive of inspiration, something, that a thief based wannabee bard never can do. Mesmers are the inspirational class in GW2, so if any class should get the Bard/Minstrel Spec, then its Mesmers.

The Mirage is basically your selfish DPS Spec now as a Mesmer, cause it is absolutely not so heavily support based as like the Chronomancer, its whole dodge gameplay is focused on aggressive DPSing of foes. Its clone gameplay is even more focused now on DPS, than that of a core mesmer.Its weapon skill are focused on melee combat.The mirage feels basically more of a merge between Mesmer and Thief, just without Initiative Gameplay, but it has alot of access to shadow steps to close quickly gaps to continue DPSing on fleeing foes.. So clearly obviously, if you want a selfish DPS mesmer, there is the Mirage for you now

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@Orpheal.8263 said:

@nopoet.2960 said:

@Orpheal.8263 said:Utility Skill Type:
Instrument Kits

Love the idea of of instrument kits but Mesmers don't need another support role. Your next spec should be full out selfish DPS

Instrument Kits are the only way, how you can give a Minstrel the complexity and build diversity, that a class like this needs to be trustworthy as a representive of inspiration, something, that a thief based wannabee bard never can do. Mesmers are the inspirational class in GW2, so if any class should get the Bard/Minstrel Spec, then its Mesmers.

:o Char you!Bards have aways been hybrid thieves. A pure caster would only be pretending. Anyway kudos on your concept it's really good... Just needs to be on a thief.
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I dont know what class this would fit on, I thought soulbeast might be this but it turned out to be the pinky toe in the pool so to speak. I dont know where it would fit and belong but I will do the basic Write up and a small summary of where it could come in from a plot point.

  • The shapeshifter is a lycanthrope, blessed by the spirits of the wild in their entirety with the ability to use their power as its own allowing the user to become savage and feral in their prowess and abilities. The User takes on the form of wolf, snow leopard, bear, raven or any other beast ( assuming this would be ok) In a hybrid form allowing for them to fight as a monster would, becoming a thrashing mass of teeth,fur and scale they rend their enemies asunder.

  • They should only happen when the story goes to dealing with the norn, potentially Braham and his efforts to kill jormag and how he has kind of gone off the deep end and we have to deal with him. This would be perfect for a class/ elite spec as they would have strong correlation to the plot as a narrative stand point, even though revenants only were tied to Rytlocks return this could off a different feel? And potentially better lore associated with it.

  • Again I dont know what class this could fit on or if the idea could work outside of being a new class as a whole, however I Feel like a Lycanthropic shapeshifter/skinwalker would be amazing to behold in guild wars 2 with its engine. It truly would feel fast, feral and full of primal aggression as well be a good step in the right direction if they want to do things no other game likes to touch. WoW has shape-shifting but... its not A werebeast or akin to it, they are more like native american skin-walkers who merely borrow the form of an animal to do a specific task(not as cool). And Eso Has a werewolf but its kind of... well bleh, So guild wars 2 could introduce it and have it be completely unique and their spin on it which would look/feel/be awesome.

  • They could make their F1-5 skills different animals which you take the aspect of making it so you can continue to switch forms, or move between them similarly to the rev and its legends.( Could even be a revenant legend for all that matter, and call it "The spirits of the wild" and just have it be the culmination of all of them... turning you into some strange hybrid of each animal merged together?)

making it usable by everyone might take away from the norn and their racial skills would have to be removed, but I would be OK with that if there were new models and more viability with the ability to toggle it on and off. I feel like it could turn out rather cool even though the Charr might make for some interesting forms in how they end up, and what they become when taking on these shapes... but I still feel like it could be done and made to be awesome and I would love to see it.

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Necromancer - Farseer

Lore and Theme

Inspired by Norn shamans and Human Priests of Grenth, these specialized Necromancers have attained an even deeper connection to the land of the fallen than most of their peers. While the ability to commune with fallen spirits and walk through the lands of the dead while still holding breath is remarkable in and off itself, what truly defines a Farseer isn't that they can percieve what has come to past, but rather that the very same skills let them peer into the future as well.The Farseer sees a tangled web crossing the ether, connecting the living to eachother, to their pasts and even to their inevitable end. And through rigorous practice and training, the Farseer has learned how to manipulate these threads of fate to their own liking. A Secret kept tight from outsiders, as some would believe these practitioners of the dark arts can toy with your very life as if it was a ball of yarn, even if the truth is a lot more complex.What is completely irrefutable, however, is the fact that for those priveleged few who get to share in the Farseer's world, reality as they had known it up until that point completely comes to pass... and Immortality no longer seems like a distant dream. They just have to find the right thread to follow...


The Farseer gives the Necromancer access to 2 extremely powerful roles: The first is as a classic DPS specialization as the Sword possesses remarkable DPS, both single-target and AoE, as well as having access to quite a few extremely powerful offensive trait choices to increase their damage, especially when scoring Critical Hits.The Second and most defining role is that of a dedicated, Non-DoT Debuffer. Fate Debuffs are all unique debuffs that interacts with Conditions as an outside source. They can wreak absolute havoc among enemies and wittle down even the strongest foe into a shadow of its former glory. Due to the nature of these debuffs, the Farseer alone can weaken Defiant enemies such as Raid Bosses with incredible efficiency.The Farseer doesn't lack in Defense, not even close, as they can enter into the Mists to become completely immune to damage from those outside, however this is not without its perils. The Portals they open are big, easy targets that can be burst down in seconds if they're careless with its positioning. And, to top it off, the Farseer loses one of its pulls while in the Mists as it cannot deal Damage to enemies outside, relegated to acting as a Debilitator alone for their stay in the land of the dead.

Mechanic - Mist Portal and Fateweaving

The Farseer is, as the name suggests, a Necromancer who has specialized in communing with the other side. Their signature ability is to tear open temporary portals into the Mists, where the spirits of the fallen roam but also where all things past, present and future are being recorded and mirrored. From within the Mists, the Farseer manipulates the fates of their enemies, stacking unique debuffs on them for short times.

F5 - Mist Portal - Use your accumulated Life Force to tear open a Portal to the Mists at your position and step through. While in the Mists, you cannot be damaged or affected by any player outside of the Mists nor can you be Downed even if you were to reach 0HP. However you cannot damage or affect any enemy outside of the Mists either or affect/be affected by Allies' healing or boons, the only exception to this rule being your new F1-F4 skills. Boons and Conditions you had on you when entering have infinite duration while you’re in the Mists and will resume countdown upon exiting, and their effects still linger.Your Portal’s Health is equal to your Life Force when activating Mist Portal. If destroyed, you’re forcefully returned to the living world where the Portal is located, and you're also Stunned for a brief time. You can willingly return to the land of the living at any time by either activating your Flip-over F5 skill Close Portal to Destroy your portal, consuming the Life Force but exiting into the living world at your current position rather than back at the Portal, or by seeking out your Portal again and Cross through it. Crossing the Portal doesn't destroy it, allowing you to cross back and forth until you forcefully Close it.While a Farseer is in the Mists, they will appear as a Semi-transluscent spectre to allies and enemies, carrying with them a somber glow. The Farseer is always Revealed while in the Mists as well. The Portal itself is large and easily spotted, as well as having a large Hitbox.

F1-F4 - Fateweaving SkillsFateweaving skills do not deal a lot of Damage, and deal absolutely no damage at all when cast from within the Mists. However, they're unique in that they will still apply their effects to enemies even when cast from the Mists, allowing the Farseer to constantly apply debilitating debuffs to enemies if left to their own devices.Fate Debuffs are Unique Debuffs, these all have powerful effects but relatively low base Duration with no means to increase them as they do not count as Conditions, so they are unaffected by Expertize. However, Fateweaving skills can apply these constantly, while a few Weapon and Utility skills, as well as Traits, may apply them too.

  • F1 - Rend Fate - Tear at the strands of fate of enemies in a Cone before you, rapidly stacking Vulnerability on affected targets while applying Tragic Fate to them. Duration increases on a Critical hit. Deals no damage while in the Mists but costs no Life Force either. Inherits traits from Life Blast.
    • Tragic Fate - Increases incoming Damage and Condition Damage by 10%; Decreases Outgoing Damage and Condition Damage by 10%.
  • F2 - Link Fates - Strands of fate shoot out from your target, linking them to nearby enemies and granting Cruel Fate to all affected targets. Duration increases on a Critical hit. When one linked enemy takes damage, all linked enemies takes damage as well. When the Link deals damage to an enemy, you gain a small amount of Life Force. Deals no damage while in the Mists but costs no Life Force either. Inherits Traits from Dark Path.
    • Cruel Fate - Increases the duration of Incoming Conditions by 20%; Increases Stun and Break Duration by 33%.
  • F3 - Visage of Demise - Give the target enemy a vision of their death, marking them with Doomed and Fearing them. Duration increases on a Critical hit. Deals no damage while in the Mists but costs no Life Force either. Inherits traits from Doom.
    • Doomed - Target takes constant Damage. If the target is Downed while Doomed, they are immediately Defeated.
  • F4 - Evil Eye - Channel, creating an area around you that constantly pulses Revealed and Condemned on enemies while making Allies immune to Blind. Grows larger with each pulse. Duration increases on a Critical hit. Deals no damage while in the Mists but costs no Life Force either. Inherits traits from Life Transfer.
    • Condemned - Target recieves 66% less Healing from all sources.

Weapon - Sword Main-hand

The Farseer's weapon of choice is the Sword, using its pinpoint precision in order to weave the strands of fate that they see within other living beings. But just as it can be used to weave and repair, it can likewise sever the same threads to cause calamity and unforseen disaster on the Farseer's whim. Farseer's prefer precise, needle-like blades for their works, using them with woeful skill to strike the enemy exactly where they know it will hurt.

  • Expose - Slice your foe and expose their fate, stacking Vulnerability. Deals 15% Increased Critical Damage.
    • Unravel - Slice your foe again and unravel their fate, stacking Vulnerability again. Deals 15% increased Critical Damage.
    • Rewrite Fate - A Final strike the rewrites the unraveled fate into a Tragic Fate.
  • Strands of Fate - Send your blade needling through enemies at the target area, weaving their fates together. At the end of the channel, the weave Collapses and deals Damage for each enemy connected.
  • Eldritch Circle - Stab your blade into the ground, creating a Dark Field that summons a rift to Blind and Cripple nearby enemies.
    • Call of the Void - Snap shut the rift, Pulling all enemies into it and Corrupting Boons into Chill. This doubles the Cooldown on Eldritch Circle.

Utility Skills - Meditations

The Farseer's meditations differ from those of the Guardian and the Spellbreaker in that they're primarily there to support allies, either by providing protection to them or by severel weakening enemies for a short time. Thematically, a Farseer's meditations allow them to reach into the Mists from which they can scry the future, change fate or call the spirits of the fallen to their allies' aid.

  • Soul Exchange - Healing Skill. Peer into the Mists and rewrite your own fate unto a nearby enemy, Healing yourself instantly on activation and transferring Conditions to your target, granting 1s of Condemned to your target for each Condition transferred.
  • Foresight - Peer a split second into the future, warning your allies of danger. You and nearby Allies Avoid incoming attacks for a brief time, granting you Life Force for each affected Ally.
  • Spiritualism - Summon a Lantern-holding Spirit at the target Location which creates an Ethereal Field that Destroys Projectiles and Pulses Protection to nearby allies. Projectiles Destroyed are turned into Life Force.
    • Ghostly Step - Swap Places with your Spirit, shattering the Lantern to Fear enemies near the Spirit and curse enemies near yourself with a Cruel Fate.
  • Shroud Weapons - Bask nearby Allies’ weapons in spectral shroud, making all of their attacks Unblockable and increasing Critical Damage by 15% for a short time.
  • Planeswalker - Step through the land of the fallen to Break Stun and instantly appear at the target area in a Chilling haze.
  • Seal Fates - Elite Skill. Channel, creating an Ice Field at the target area that Pulses Daze, Immobilize, Chill and Doomed to up to 10 enemies within. Gain Stability on Activation.

Specialization Line

  • Minor Adept: Mist Seer - Your Shroud Skills are replaced with Fateweaving Skills and you gain access to the Mist Portal and Meditation skills.
    • Inevitability - When you Blind an enemy or strike them below the Health Threshold, mark them with a Cruel Fate for 3s. ICD: 12s. Health Threshold: 25%.
    • Seer’s Caution - Gain Protection (2s) and Life Force (5%) when you activate a Meditation Skill.
    • Unstable Portal - When your Mist Portal is destroyed or Closed, it releases a cry that Damages and Fears all nearby enemies. Acts as a Blast Finisher.
  • Minor Master: The Other Side - Blind (4s) enemies within the Range Threshold when entering or exiting the Mists. Threshold: 240. Gaining Life Force while in the Mists now Heals your Mist Portal.
    • Dark Revelry - Critical Hit chance increases by 50% against Blinded enemies.
    • Stolen Fate - Gain 1% Life Force when Critically striking an enemy affected by a Fate Debuff. Fate Debuffs last 33% longer.
    • Gaze of the Abyss - Your Portal is now a Dark Field that Constantly pulses Blind (3s) to enemies near it and removes a Boon on an interval. Interval: 3s. Radius: 180.
  • Minor Grandmaster: Agent of Fate - You deal 7% more Damage and Critical Damage. These Bonuses are doubled against enemies affected by Fate Debuffs.
    • Fear of the Dark - Blindness you apply causes enemies to miss their next 2 Attacks. Blind (4s) enemies when you Critically Strike them. ICD: 8s.
    • Draconian Swordsmanship - Create an Eldritch Circle at your target when you Critically Strike them within the Range Threshold. Call of the Void Now also causes Condemned on pulled enemies for 2s and Sword skills recharge 20% Faster. ICD: 20s. Range Threshold: 240.
    • Shepherd of Souls - Allies can now Interact with your Mist Portal to follow you into the Mists. Each Ally that enters the portal costs a small amount of the Portal’s strength. Whenever an Ally crosses into the Mists, they are Healed and Remove Conditions.
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I would make a Revenant/Samurai channeling the strength and power of your ancestors using your Great sword (nodachi). I’m not going through the skills and traits, there are others much better at it than me. The warrior would seem to be a better fit, but it already has access to swords and great swords.

For those who are a fan of “The Darkness” (Jackie Estacado) I think that a Necromancer wielding a pistol/pistol combination behind a wave of minions would be awesome. They would focus on minions swarming the target. This would be an elite spec that would gain power or be more powerful during the night cycle and in tunnels where there are abundant shadows.

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What's amazing is that you can see how dissatisfyed the necromancers are by the sheer number of necro spec suggested.Let's follow the trend. This is an e-spec That I suggested in the necromancer's sub forum:

Elite Name: SinnerClass: Necromancer

F1 changes: Now summon your "sin" which is a minion formed of life force (no natural LF decay, affected by minons's traits, minion AA proc shroud F1 traits)F2: Sacrifice some life force to port you (or your sin if he is summoned) to a targeted area.F3: Sacrifice some life force to fear foes around you (or your sin if he is summoned)F4: Sacrifice some life force to periodically weaken, confuse and damage foe around you (or your sin if he is summoned)F5: Sacrifice life force every second for 7 seconds granting you barrier each second (sin disapear upon using this skill, fusing with you and putting you into an "in shroud" state)

Weapon unlocked: Axe offhandWeapon Skills:Soul barbs: Weaken and confuse your foe + some low damage (range 900)Rigor mortis: grant you barrier and weaken foes around you + some low damage.

Skill Category unlocked: MantraUtility/Elite:Mantra of gluttony: Drain life around you and your sinMantra of greed: You and your sin corrupt up a boon on your foe and gain theses boons for yourselfMantra of lust: Next X attacks are unblockableMantra of pride: You manifest you pride, gaining life and life force. (heal skill)

Traits:Minor: 1st gain sinner thingy,2nd share boons with your sin,3rd you are unaffected by the negative effects of weakness

Up: 1st your sin is affected by your "in shroud" traits,2nd skills that sacrifice life force weaken you and foes around you,3rd gain 1% damage per 1000 point of life force that you have when your sin is not summoned.

Mid: 1st you can't be blinded when you are under the effect of weakness2nd whenever you charge a mantra you are self weakened, reduce mantra cool down3rd gain a low barrier whenever you are weakened

bot: 1st axe skills do 7% more damage on weakened foe (joke trait ;) )2nd gain a lesser charge of lust when you hit a weakened foe (short ICD)3rd Weakness that you apply also apply a non stackable debuff that reduce your foe toughness by 150.

Role: mainly power DPS/secondary tank.

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Now let's try with ranger:

Elite name: ShamanClass: Ranger

F5 changes: Now transform your pet into a fixed totem. (totem don't take any damage)When the pet is in totem form, the shaman have access to an F2 skill, with a 30 second cool down, based on the kind of buff the totem grant:

  • Stout: Your totem harness the power of earth, granting a barrier to allies in range. Channeled skill, apply 4 time, last 3 seconds.
  • Deadly: Your totem shine like the sun, blinding and burning foes in range. Channeled skill apply 7 time last 3 seconds.
  • Versatile: Your totem move the elements in a storm, inflicting vulnerability and chilling foes in range. Channeled skill, apply 4 time, last 3 seconds.
  • Ferocious: Lightning strike around your totem, inflicting direct damage to foes around it. Channeled skill X impact over 3 seconds.
  • Supportive: Your totem produce a pleasant warmth, healing and removing conditions on allies in range. channeled skill, apply 4 time, last 3 seconds.

Weapon: ScepterWeapon skills:

  • 1: A chain attack calling for lightning with each strick (900 range)
  • 2: A burning ray of light inflicting damage and stacking burns on up to 3 foes standing in front of the ray. channeled skill (900 range)
  • 3: Create a muddy pond in the target area that explode after 3 second applying regeneration to allies while knocking back foes and damaging. water field.

Skill category unlocked: Natural mood (spirit weapon)Utility/Elite:

  • Lightning wrath: Struck your foes dazing it and dealing some damage
    • Sun burn: Burn your foe.
    • Earthen lock: destroy incoming projectile that aimed at you, last 4 seconds.
    • Relaxing moonlight: heal yourself and a apply regeneration to allies around you.

Traits:Minor: 1st gain shamanery2nd Totem grant you stats based on the type of pet you transform and a minor buff to allies in range of the totem (half the stats that it provide to you)3rd take less damage while you are in your totem range.

Up: 1st Your totem pulse regen2nd When in your totem range, Natural mood skills recharge 50% faster, gain 1 more ammo.3rd gain stability every second while channeling a totem spell, totem spells recharge 20% faster.

Mid: 1st striking a foe that have 5 and more burn stack inflict lesser sun burn.2nd Burn last longer.3rd Scepter #2 have no cool down, gain condition damage while wielding a scepter.

Bot: 1st regeneration you apply last longer2nd When you are disabled, break stun and apply regen to you and allies in range3rd Regen you apply heal for 20% more.

Role: A nature's spellcaster that is a bit squishy but can either go for damage or light support.

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Elite Name:Void MageClass: MesmerWeapon unlocked: Main Hand PistolWeapon Skills: 1. AA- It is the basic auto-attack. The VM aims the gun at the target and shoots.

  1. Grounded Portal- The VM forms a portal under the target that inflicts torment and a cripple/restraint on the target not making them able to move.
  2. Void barrage- The VM uses both pistols for this attack. He summons a small portal in front of each gun, and he also summons random located
    portals around the target in the air that pop in and out. He then starts shooting in the portals in front of the pistols in turn the projectiles come
    through the portals around the target.

Skill Category unlocked: Teleport attack-The VM teleports around the battlefield in random locations attacking the target for 15 seconds.

Utility/Elite: To come (Might need help with this.)

Traits:: Traits that basically help dual pistol gameplay out along with portal damage either power or condi based.

F1 changes: My mesmer is only lv 56, so I don't know how the other elite specs change the f1 keys.

Role: DPS along with Condi damage.

Mechanics: It is basically a dps class that uses guns and portals to damage the target. It is very mobile getting around the battle field using condis to slow it down and damage the target. It is very flashy looking with animations.

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I am totally planning on getting at least 1 for each profession done. With Revenant and Necromancer down, it's time for an Adventurer profession.

Engineer - Kinetic

Mechanic - Sonar and Volatile Clusters

A Kinetic gains the option to swap out one or several toolbelt skills in exchange for a Sonar Device. This skill is a ground-targeted ability that detects and Spawns Volatile Clusters of ley energy at a random spot within the detection area.

  • Sonar - Target area pulses, revealing a volatile cluster of ley energy that can now be detonated. The cluster spawns randomly within the radius of this skill. Radius: 300.

The Kinetic can choose to equip as many Sonar Skills as they wish, between 1 to 5 depending on how many Toolbelt Skills they're willing to give up in order to spawn more Volatile Clusters. Each Sonar skill carries a unique (albeit identical) Cooldown, allowing you to use several of them in succession.

Once a Volatile Cluster has been found, it’s destabilized and risk detonating at the slightest disruption. Enemies walking too close to these Clusters cause them to explode after a delay of 3s, which Damage up to 5 enemies within the blast radius. Clusters can also be remotely detonated instantly by the Kinetic, either by using certain Implant skills or with Explosives once the Minor Master trait has been unlocked in the Specialization line.

  • Volatile Cluster - Deals Damage to up to 5 enemies around itself when it detonates.

Weapon - Main- and Offhand Mace

The Kinetic focuses heavily on Hybrid AoE damage and Conditions, which they pair up with Maces in order to reign supreme at all ranges. The Main-hand weapon features both a Melee Combo skill and a Charge-based second skill that can be fired at a medium-ranged, giving the Kinetic a good option for all ranges allowing it to pair well with both Shield and Pistol in the Off-hand slot. The off-hand mace provides an Offensive/Utility mix doesn't have the DPS of Off-hand Pistol or the CC of Off-hand Shield, but makes up for it with heavy AoE Denial and Mobility.

  • Kinetic Smash - Smash your foe with reverberating force, causing Bleeding.
    • -> Kinetic Bash - Bash your foe with sonic force, causing Confusion
    • -> Reverberate - Strike your Mace into your foe, placing a delayed Sonic charge that rings out if the enemy uses a Skill, causing both Bleeding and Confusion.
  • Grounded Lightning - Strike the ground and fire a Bolt of lightning along the ground, striking enemies in its path. Pierces. Uses Ammo. Ammo count: 3.
  • Explosive Launch - Load an explosive charge into your Mace head and strike your target, Burning nearby enemies while Knocking Back your target. Acts as a Blast Finisher.
  • Danger Zone - Channel, becoming a Mobile Lightning Field that Damages enemies and pulses Swiftness to Allies. At the end of the Channel, Daze nearby foes and grant Superspeed to allies.
  • Gravity Mire - Smash down with your mace, creating a Zone of intense gravity at the target location that Damages, Cripples and Slows enemies within. Projectiles entering the zone are destroyed.

Utility Skills - Implants

The Kinetic is an engineer above all, and that still holds true. Implant skills are similar to Physical Skills, only that they're based on modified armor pieces that the Kinetic loads up rather than physical force or skill. The biggest pull of Implant Skills is their ability to detonate Volatile Clusters while simultaneously dealing Damage to enemies on their own right.

  • Reconstruction Circuits - Healing SkillActivate repair Implants to rapidly start regenerating Health and become Immune to Vulnerability, Weakness and Blind. Uses Ammo. Ammo Count: 2.
    • -> Nanite Swarm - Toolbelt skillRelease a swarm of Nanites at the target area that removes Conditions from allies with each pulse and acts like a Water Field.
  • Burst ImpactRush forwards and Grab your foe, Briefly stunning them before activating explosive implants in your gauntlets that Burn and Launch all nearby enemies. If a Launched enemy hits a Volatile Cluster, the cluster detonates. Acts as a Blast Finisher. Uses Ammo. Ammo count: 2.
    • -> Rocket Punch - Toolbelt SkillStrike your foe with a massive Punch that Knocks Back your target.
  • Seismic WaveStomp the ground and send out two massive Shockwaves that Cripple and Weaken enemies they pass through. The shockwaves detonate any Volatile Clusters in their path. Acts as a Projectile Finisher. Uses Ammo. Ammo count: 2.
    • -> Seismic Anchor - Toolbelt SkillPulse Stability to yourself for a short time.
  • Kinetic DetonationFire a small spark of seismic energy through the ground to the target area. Once the spark arrives, it explodes and showers the area with Debris, Bleeding and Crippling enemies within. Detonates any Volatile Clusters in the area. Acts as a Blast Finisher. Uses Ammo. Ammo count: 2.
    • -> Sonic Boom - Toolbelt SkillCreate a sonic boom around you that Dazes enemies. Acts as a Blast Finisher.**
  • Electromagnetic RetreatBound backwards, evading attacks and creating a shockwave at your original position that Immobilizes enemies caught in the blast. Detonates any Volatile Clusters in the area. Uses Ammo. Ammo Count: 2.
    • -> Electromagnetic Shielding - Toolbelt SkillBreak Stun to gain Magnetic Aura and Protection.
  • Singularity Bomb - Elite SkillFire a bolt of Kinetic energy that explodes on contact with an enemy, creating a massive Vortex after a short delay that continuously Damage and pull enemies towards itself for a short time. Also pulls all active Volatile Clusters to its position. Uses Ammo. Ammo Count: 2.
    • -> Inverse Gravity - Toolbelt SkillFloat enemies around you and make them Vulnerable.

Specialization Line

The Kinetic's Specialization line focuses on 3 distinct themes: Stability, Sonars and Volatile Clusters, and finally Explosives. The Specialization line is all about creating opportunities for the Kinetic to blast ranks upon ranks of enemies completely asunder, leaving little room for defensive willy-nillying.

  • Minor Adept: Groundbreaking Science - Gain access to Sonars, Volatile clusters and Implant Skills.
    • Adept: Stabilizing Reverberations - Implant skills grants you Stability (1 stack, 4s) on Activation.
    • Adept: Sonographic Exposure - Sonar skills cause Vulnerability (3 stacks, 6s) on enemies.
    • Adept: Explosive Ammunition - Weapon Skill 1 now causes an AoE attack around its Primary Target on impact. This Attack is considered an Explosive.
  • Minor Master: Explosive Personality - Explosives now detonate Volatile Clusters. Explosions now have a 15% chance to spawn a Volatile Cluster at its position. ICD on Spawn: 5s.
    • Master: Steady Foundations - You gain up to 180 Toughness while you have Stability, depending on level. Stability you apply lasts 33% longer.
    • Master: Controlled Detonation - Volatile Clusters will no longer explode on proximity but now only Explodes when detonated by an Implant or Explosion. Volatile Clusters now affect a larger area and deals 10% more Damage. Radius increase: 60.
    • Master: Bombing Run - Striking an enemy with an Explosive causes your next attack to deal 5% more Damage and stacks to 3. Resets when you use a Non-explosive skill.
  • Minor Grandmaster: Chain Reaction - Volatile Clusters are now considered Explosions for trait synergy and Burn (1 stack, 3s) enemies on Detonation. You gain Condition Damage equal to 13% of your Power.
    • Grandmaster: Centre of Mass - When you grant yourself Stability, grant Stability (1 stack, 4s) to nearby allies as well. Radius: 240.
    • Grandmaster: Expansive Telemetry - Sonar skills now pulse 3 times instead of one, but each pulse only has a 60% chance to find a Volatile Cluster. If no Cluster is found, the Sonar skill Recharges 50% faster.
    • Grandmaster: Sapping Solution - Explosives have increased Condition Duration and cause Slow (2s) on enemies struck. This can affect several enemies in a single instance. ICD: 12s. Duration Increase: 33%.


The Engineer is a versatile profession that between its Core, Scrapper and Holosmith specializations can find a place almost anywhere in GW2 throughout all game modes. However, there's one place where the Engineer has struggled to carve out a set position and that's within large, organized group content such as Large-scale WvW. Strange so, for a profession that is basically a walking artillery tank.The Kinetic aims to fix that problem. When you need everything within immediate vicinity blown to smithereens, then accept no substitutes. Between the ability to lay down massive AoE Damage using Implant Skills and Explosions, the massive Target range they posses with Volatile Clusters and the high access to both personal and shared Stability, the Kinetic aims to carve out its rightful place as Midline Artillery. Their in-profession synergy is great, especially with Explosives, but using Combos such as Singularity Bomb -> Gravity Mire -> Kinetic Detonation will lay waste to scores of enemies. They thrive regardless of Stat setup, be it through pure Power, Hybrid or Condition.In return for this, the Kinetic offers little else BUT massive AoE offensives and high Stability uptime. They're the epitome of a Glass Cannon spec and will be specifically fragile if they build entirely for maximized damage output.

Lore and Theme

The Dredge is probably not the first race that comes to mind when one is talking about technological advancement, however their use of seismic and sonic weaponry is practically one-of-a-kind. There are few Dredge willing to to see the surface world as an ally, but the few who does have been generous in sharing their technology with the five great races.The Kinetic takes full advantage of these seismic weapons, reinventing them to become tools of mass destruction that will tear through the ranks of the Dragons' minions like they were made from paper. A no holds barred, pedal to the metal demolitionist that will rain explosives from the sky and send tremors through the very earth to obliterate their enemies outright. It's suggested that one keeps their distance from a Kinetic at work, last one get caught up in the gravitational science that's currently ripping through the battlefield and reforming it as they fight.

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Spec Name: Legendary Avenger or Mistwalker or Stalker or Executioner or whichever fits!Class Name: Revenant.Weapon: GreatswordLegendary Patron: Up for suggestions!Spec Flavor: Teleports to its target, up into its face, deals charged lethal blows and moves onto next target, fast movement with Teleports + skill super-charging for all gs skills using consuming energy, charging for utility skills using the utility ammunition charges (Energy can be used but if so please be reasonable with the energy costs!).Spec Role: Heavy Melee Damage Dealer with Vulnerability Stacking Support and Heavy CC..Spec Mechanics:-GS & Charging Mechanic unlocks with spec.-25% increased movement speed baseline.-High Critical chance and low base power baseline, charging buffs power &/or critical damage by a considerable amount.-GS Skills have base cost of energy and can be super charged with more energy being fed into it, the more you hold down a skill the more it charges and the harder it hits, skills have a cap of energy consumed for charging, hit fires when you release the key and not when the skill reaches cap, so you can pre-charge a hit before reaching your target and releasing it at the right moment, you can charge skills while moving, movement speed not affected when a skill is being charged.-Utility Skills can be pressed once for a single charge, or twice or 3 times (if it has 3 charges), consumes utility ammunition charges (Or a set amount of energy per skill per charge if energy is to be used), can have delay between key presses or not, depending on Dev insight and balance team.-F Skills to be added to fire the utility skills after being charged up.-You can only charge either a GS Skill or a Utility Skill at a given time, but you can fire the utility skill while charging up a GS skill..GS Skills: (Up for suggestions!)

  • Skill 1: Great Slash: Cleave the area infront of you, Damage increases with charging, not chained for the sake of simplicity and to avoid contradiction with charging.

  • Skill 2: Mist Hack: Summon 2 greatswords to attack your target from the sides once, Damage increases with charging, if fully charged a third GS attacks inflicting cripple on your target.

  • Skill 3: Mist Assault: Fade into the mists evading attacks, showing up with an attack at your current location then fading again, repeats 3 times, Damage increases with charging, if fully charged then you hit an additional time with an uppercut slash sending targets at your location flying upwards.

  • Skill 4: Great Throw: Throw your GS, if it hits, teleport to your target. Range and damage increases with charging, if fully charged immobilize your target.

  • Skill 5: Mist Swipe: Summon a giant mist GS to swipe the area infront of you in a cone dealing AoE damage, damage increases with charging, if fully charged knock back your enemies. (AoE can be increased with charging as well)

.Utilities: Legendary Avenger - Charge skills, charge them for super-charged effects.

  • -Healing Utility:-2 or 3 ammunition charges..-Ammunition Recharge: Up to the Devs.-Next hit is Unblockable, but dodgeable and can be invulned.-1 Condition removal per charge.-Gives a Buff: Heal-on-hit for X amount healing-Charging: (Consuming the healing utility ammunition charges)for more effects ( 1/2.67/4 X Healing, 1/2/3 Condition Removal)-Buff lost if hit fails to land.-F1 fires the healing skill initiating the buff.-Condition removal can be fixed for the skill and not increase with charging, to provide some sort of trade-off for charging, more healing vs less condition removal, but requires only 1 hit to land successfully, while multiple condi removal will require more hits to land, up to the Devs.

  • -Utility 1:-2 or 3 ammunition charges.-Ammunition Recharge: Up to the Devs.-Gives a buff; Next hit is Unblockable, but dodgeable/can be invulned, X Higher Power Coefficient &/or Critical Damage on next hit along with vulnerability.-Charging: Can be super-charged (Consuming the utility skill ammunition charges) for more effects (1/2.67/4 X Coefficient, but for a shorter or same duration for all 3 levels) + (Vulnerability stacks increased per charge (6/12/18) Same Duration for all charge levels)-Has no Damage component, it buffs the hit that will be dropping-Buff lost if hit fails to land.-F2 fires the utiliy skill initiating the buff.-Up to the Devs if the Vulnerability is applied before the increased coefficient i.e before the hit lands so it buffs that hit or after it)-The idea here is to give a choice if you want sustained damage or burst damage using this skill.

  • -Utility 2:-2 or 3 ammunition charges.-Ammunition Recharge: Up to the Devs.-Gives a buff; Next hit is Unblockable, but dodgeable/can be invulned., Next hit Inflicts X damage along with Blind, Immobilize, Slow and Weakness for Y seconds.-Charging: Can be super-charged (Consuming the utility skill ammunition charges) for more effects (1/2.67/4 X Damage, 1/2.67/4 Y seconds condition duration)-F3 fires the utility skill initiating the buff.

  • -Utility 3:-2 or 3 ammunition charges.-Ammunition Recharge: Up to the Devs.-Teleports through portal to location **or to target, inflicts X seconds duration of Slow on landing (either AoE slow or to target only).Charging: Can be super-charged (Consuming the utility skill ammunition charges) for more effects (300/800/1200 Range, 1/2/3 X Seconds duration of slow)-F4 fires the utility skill initiating the teleport-The idea here to either quickly teleport short distances to avoid being kited or to be used as a gap closer by fully charging it.

  • -Elite: "Overcharged/Mistcharged":-Duration X Seconds.-60+ Seconds CD, Low energy Cost, like 10 Energy, it is supposed to be used OFF-CD but on long CD.-Grants user Super-Speed and Alacrity for its duration.-Stun break, pulsing stability for its duration.-Gives Buff: GS skills can charge more energy in(cap increased) and they charge to that increased cap for the same duration of normal charging.-Example: skill #5 on GS, normally would charge up to a cap of say 25 energy in say 2.5s, When overcharge is up, it can charge 40 energy instead of 25 for the same 2.5s.-No F Skill as it is just a buff and won't be a charge utility skill, can be fired while charging a GS skill.-Up to the Devs to convert it to a chargeable skill as well with an F button to fire it, i just find it counter intuitive, but keeps homogeneity in the utilities.


  • Pros:-Heavy Hits utilizing the skill-charging mechanic which allows for interesting choices between do charging or not charging skills.-A different approach to the utility skill ammunition system and not utilizing upkeep skills to allow for a different experience on Rev.-High Risk High Reward game-play.-Can support offensively with vulnerability stacks and good Defiance bar destruction-Not easily kitable, but still possible.

  • Cons:-Low survivability.-Below average output without charging.-Other weaponsets won't be viable for DPS and would be just for defense as they won't have the charging mechanic.-Ranged Condition/Direct Damage as well as Melee Condition damage and general healing support roles are not viable options with this spec, it is a strict Melee Damage Dealer, unless the devs find a way out of it through traits maybe?-Can be countered heavily by specs with lots of interrupts like any X/P thief-Not many condition cleanses, gonna have to see how it works with Mallyx/Jalis for that.

  • Design challenges:-The Devs might have to make sure somehow that they don't completely kill S/S, to have a different weaponset that synergizes with the spec.-How it will turn out with the different legends, i think all will be fine except Mallyx.

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Elite name: Treasure hunterClass: Thief

F1 changes: No changespecial mechanism: Ash clone, Upon using a movement skill leave a ash clone (can only have 1 clone up at a time, last 4 seconds. ICD 8 seconds)Weapon: torchWeapon skills:

  • 4: Ash trail, leap backward leaving a trail of ashes behind you, blinding, burning and damaging foes.
  • 5: Ashen aura, gain fire aura and blind nearby foes.
  • dagger#3: liquid flame, leave a burning aoe at you feets
  • sword#3: Burning flurry, explode in a flurry of blade that burn your foe
  • pistol#3: flashing round, deliver a round of ammo that blind foes in front of you as well as damage your foe.

Skill category unlocked: gadget/corruptionUtility/Elite:

  • Rhum flask: drink to recover but beware! This will inflict confusion upon you!
  • Molotov cocktail: When those monsters come... kill them with fire! Throw the bottle after igniting it to create a terrifying fire field! Oops you burnt yourself...
  • Awl: Anything is a weapon when you are treathen even your lockpicking tools... Well such tools are bound to hurt you if you use them improperly (bleed yourself)

Traits:Minor: 1st become a treasure hunter!2nd whenever your ash clone is destroyed/disapear, it explode, burning and blinding surrounding foes3rd Gain fire aura if you are in range of your ash clone explosion

Up: 1st your ash clone cleanse a condition to allies around him when he explode2nd Your ash clone inflict burn on hit3rd Your ash clone last twice as long

Mid: 1st cleanse a condition whenever you gain an aura2nd using a gadget fire you up, granting you fire aura3rd while under the effect of fire aura you take 15% less damage.

Bot: 1st wielding a torch grant you condition damage. torch skills recharge faster.2nd burn you apply last longer and do more damage when you suffer from a damaging condition3rd

Role: Isn't it obvious? A pyromaniac condition e-spec!

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Unlikely revenant e-spec

Elite name: Mist leechclass: revenantSpecial mechanism: Change the mechanism, ML seize the power of the legends of the past Through strange glyph without taping on mist energy. Now each basic legend have it's own energy conduct as F1-F4 and the use of this conduct is limited by how much you tap onto the power of a legend, inducing it's rage when you've drawn to much energy.

In short the energy bar is replaced by an empty bar that is filled each time you use a skill that use energy. This bar is reset when you change your legend and slowly decay while out of combat. If the bar reach 100% there is a powerfull rebound that daze you and disable the legend conduct for 30 seconds and thus your ability to channel energy skills (thought you can still switch to a different legend conduct).

I feel it could be fun to have a revenant e-spec that is wary of the legends and chose to parasite them instead of working alongside with them.

Weapon: FocusWeapon skills: These are energy management skills

  • 4: drain energy from foes around you, weakening them and damaging them. Reduce energy charge by X point.
  • 5: Continuously drain energy from foe around you building barrier every second for 4 seconds. Y energy is reduced on your energy bar every seconds.

Skill category: Glyph (Yes these revenant have access to a specific kind of skill, they do not channel the revenant they seize forcefully it's power and let it pass throught glyph to create some effects)Utility/elite:

  • Glyph of mystical balance: heal yourself and gain an effect (2 when struck charge) based on the legend channeled (shiro life steal, ventari aoe heal, jalis 50% reduce damage, mallyx corrupt boon)
  • Glyph of mystical power: Break stun, your next 3 hits grant you boons based on the legend channeled (shiro 3 might stack, ventari cleanse, jalis stability, mallyx resistance)
  • Glyph of mystical rage: Unleash a tempest of energy around you that have different effect based on the legend channeled (shiro power damage, ventari heal allies, Jalis weaken foes and reduce damage on allies, mallyx corrupt boons and torment foes)
  • Elite: Glyph of mystical avatar: Fill yourself with the power of the channeled legend gaining it's strengths (Shiro gain 25% movment speed and ferocity, Ventari gain outgoing healing and vitality, Jalis gain a break bar and toughness, mallyx gain reduced incoming condition damage and expertise). Upkeep skill - 5 (4 when traited)

Traits:Minor: 1st become a mist leech2nd Gain stats that depend on the legend channeled3rd Gain additionnal stats that depend on the legend channeled when energy bar is filled above 90%

Up: 1st reduce shared cool down when changing legend conduct by 20% (8 seconds instad of 10 seconds) (do not affect rebound cool down)2nd Switching legend grant you fury and quickness3rd If your bar fill to 100% let out the energy of the rebound affecting allies or foes (use glyph of mystical rage). Reduce rebound CD time by 33%.

Mid: 1st focus skill recharge faster and reduce more energy charge.2nd Gain might when you use a skill that have an energy cost3rd When using the glyph of mystical avatar, periodically gain a boon that depend on the legend channeled. (shiro fury, ventari resistance, jalis vigor, mallyx might)

Bot: 1st2nd Glyph recharge faster and have a reduced cost in energy.3rd Do more damage as you have more energy (5% when under 25%, 7% when under 50%, 11% when under 75%, 15% when under 90% and 20% when above 90%)

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The Summoner

Class: ElementalistWeapon Chakrams (1H Dual wielding Mid Range Throwing Weapons/ 750 Range, Line of Sight-Positioning Gameplay with Return EffectsF1 Mechanism: Elemental Avatars - Make a Pact with a Djinn and transform yourself into an Elemental Avatar based on your attuned Element, which changes your Weapon Skills into Avatar Skills.Gameplay Mechanism: Dual Weapon Skills on Slot 3

Utility Skills:

Meditations, a Summoner must medidate, to become one with nature, so that they are able to perform a Pact with a Djinn, an Elemental Spirit. Only through Meditation and becoming one with Nature can a Summoenr gain the massive Powers of Elements that are needed to summon their Elemental Servants, massive Creatures they control, these Meditations that work like Meditations work in the same way also like Kits, cause the Meditation used to summon your Servant changes also like a Kit your Weapon Skills to Summoning Skills, because the very moment you call a Servant, your Gameplay Changes to that of a passive Summoner, who controls the actions of the Servant (PoF Minion Gameplay from the Foe of my Foes similar)A Servant can't be killed, but lives only as long as the Summoner is alive (Downed state doesn't count) Servants are very protective, if their Masters get downed, they become raged and very aggressive and receive Boosts to their Stats and can use eventualyl Rage Skills to which you as a Summoner normally have no access to to command them to use them. Its something they do only on their own free will to protect their beloved Masters that they serve and are bonded to.The Gameplay differentiates between Lesser and Higher Servants. A Summoenr can summon up to 3 Lesser Servants at the same time. A Higher Servant (Elite Skill) can be only 1 at a time on the field from you, and replaces all other Lesser Servants, by absorbing them, but is also significantly more powerful, than Lesser Servants.

Dodge Mechanic Summoners have a unique Dodge Mechanic, if they dodge, they have different Elemental Effects based on the Attunement. If traited, they can increase their Dodge Bar to 3 Dodges, like Daredevils.Water = Leaves an Ice Trail, which lets Enemy that touch it slip and get knocked down.Air = Shadow Step 900 units into your Direction, significantly increasing the Distance of your Dodge RollEarth = Leave a Trail of Dust, which blinds foes and blocks Projectiles for a few seconds and can be used with a Blast finisher to Stealth you.Fire = Leave a Lava Font at your Location, that deals damage over time and causes Burnings

Weapon Skills:

Fire1: Searing Mandala - Throw multiple Burning Chakrams, each dealing not much damage, but each hit causes stacks of Burning.2: Liquid Flame - Throw a chakram, which creates a wall line of fire on the way to its foe and when it returns to you, which can't be crossed.3: Double Dragon (Dual Weapon Skill Chakram/Chakram) - Throw both of your Charams, creating two fire snakes that hit foes in line of sight and immobilize3: Flame Djinns Haste (DWS Chakram/Dagger) - Leap forwards, deal AoE Damage on Imapc and Gain Swiftness, Fury and Quicknes for a brief time.3: Glowing Gaze (DWS Chakram/Focus) - Focus your Gaze upon your Target and cause it to Burn heavily and blind it from your Glowign Gaze. you regain also some Endurance if the foe was already Burning.3: Incendiary Bonds (DWS Scepter/Chakram) - Foes that are Burning and got hit by IB, will receive all damage, whenever a burning foe receives damage from a Fire Spell3: Inferno (DWS Dagger/Chakram) - Create a large circular AoE field, that cascades from your epi centrum, causing with each cascade Burn and Vulnerability4: Meteor Strike Basically the same Meteor like Skill, that Hydras in PoF use. Call two Meteorite Strikes, that hit all nearby foes, if they stand in the impact area for too long and knock them down.5: Obsidian Flame Causes a Black Fire, that causes weaker Burnings, but which can't be cured, as long the Summoner self is over 50% Health.

Air1: Enervating Charge - Throw a charged up Chakram, that bounces 3x between nearby Targets and causes Vulnerability per Hit.2: Sonic Ring - Throw a razorsharp Wind enhanced enlarged Chakram, that cuts through everything, causes Bleedings and can't be blocked3: Storm Djinns Haste (DWS Chakram/Dagger) - Leap backwards and dodge incoming hits, causing in front of you Lightnings which cause Confusions. Gain Quickness if one of these Lightnings hitted a foe successfully.3: Glowing Clouds - (DWS Chakram/Focus) - Create a thunderstorm of clouds, which can be used to stealth you and allies, while it causes damage to foes that get too close to them. This damage of this skill reveal you, as its not damage that was caused by you, but the foe getting too near to the cloud, so a reaction to the foes action.3: Shell Shock - (DWS Chakram/Chakram) - Stuns first a foe only, but deals decent damage and causes Weakness, Confusion and Torment if the foe reacts on the stun with a Stun Breaker.3: Whirlwind - (DWS Dagger/Chakram) - Creates at your locationa Whirlwind, which sucks foes in and whirls them around, causing Bleedings over time.3: Chilling Winds (DWS Scepter/Chakram) - Send out a cascading wave of cold wind javelins, which damages per pulse, pushes foes back and chills them, with a chance to freeze them, if they were too close. Freeze is a new unique trait effect for Chills from a Summoner.4: Ionized Air - Create a field of Ionized Air, letting foes get dazed and struck by lightnings, whenever enter it, which suffer on Burn and Chill, otherwise it Weakens them, Combo Field for Blindness also5: Eye of the Storm Become a blinding Storm and create swirling Storm Gusts around you as you move, dealing damage on first contact and push foes on touch away from you as long the skill effect is active.

Water1: Rust - Shoot unblockable Water Rays at your target that let their Weapons rust, causing Weakness with this skill2: Freeze Lancer - Shoot out multiple Ice Javelins, that are unblockable, cause Chill and have a Chance to Freeze foes and remove with that also a Boon.3: Glowing Ice (DWS Chakram/Focus) - Causes on your Target foe directly Freeze definetely. Lets you gain Health back, if the foe was already frozen or chilled and cures 1 Condition additionally.3: Water Djinn's Haste (DWS Chakram/Dagger) - Leap backwards and attack your Target ares with Geysirs of steaming hot water, which launch foes into the air if they get hit. Gain Swiftness and Regeneration if you successfully launch foes with the Geysirs3: Blurred Vision/Bursted Bubbles (DWS Scepter/Chakram) Send out a Wave of Soap Bubbles, which blind foes and negate projectiles and cause on burst damage to nearby foes and cripple foes.3: Ice Prison - (DWS Dagger/Chakram) - Strike a foe with an ice cold blade, causing Vulnerability and Chill. Did the foe suffer already on Vulnerability, then this skill immobilizes, if he suffered already on chill, then it freezes, and if both, then it freezes and deals extra damage and is always critical..3: Flood (DWS Chakram/Chakram) Send out a circular cascade of water at the impact point of your thrown Chrakram and another on return when you catch it4: Shatterstone - Create a huge Ice Crystal, thatyou let fall down on your Target Area, which shatters and causes AoE Chill and leaves a Water Field to Combo with.5: Slippery Ground - Create an Ice Field, that manipulates the movement of foes and makes it easier to knock foes down, on critical hits, you and your allies slide on this field gainign Super Speed and are unaffected by th movment manipulation. Blinded foes get knocked down immediately on Blind if they are on Slippery Ground.

Earth1: Ebon Hawk - Send out an Ebon Hawk, that causes Bleedings to foes in line of sight on the way and on all on return.2: Sliver Armor - Gain Retaliation while also having a chance to gain Aegis whenever you receive ranged Damage.3: Stoneflesh Aura - (DWS Dagger/Chakram) Gain an Earth Aura that reflects Projectiles and which causes periodically Weakness to nearby Targets3: Earth Djinns Haste (DWS Chakram/Dagger) - Leap forwards, deal damage, stun and create a huge Rock Wall that no enemy can pass as long its not destroyed and which blocks projectiles. Gain Quickness when the Wall blocks of Projectiles. while it is up and not destroyed.3: Glowing Stone (DWS Chakram/Focus) Send out a homing in rock snake that follows its target and which blinds, poisons and petrifies a foe on hit. Grants allies random Venoms on line of sight except Basilisk Venom3: Scirocco (Scepter/Chakram) - Create a small scale Sandstorm around your Target Location which stealths you and allies briefly and which cripples nearby foes with tons of sand3: Earthbreaker (DWS Chakram/Chakram) Let big earth Spikes shoot up out of the ground, that cause bleedings and cripple. if the foe was vunerable, then they launch also4: Ward of Stability - Create a protective area where you have permanent Stability and Protection as long its effect is up, which cant b stripped or corrufted in that zone..5: Ward Against Foes - Create a protective area, which Torments and Slows foes inside of it periodically.

Whew, what a beast of a concept, but its an Elementalist Spec, its natural with their four Elements :3

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