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The broken models that I reported in game (such as EotN portal character, Personal Story, WvW repair character, etc) have been fixed in yesterday's patch.However, the character selection screen (which I cannot report in game because the bug report tool is disabled there) is still broken...

Dear GW2 staff, could you please report that bug internally, as I am unable to do it ingame, plaase? Or could you at least ask the product team to allow players to report bugs from the character selection screen?

Thank you very much.

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No, I am not. Actually I discovered with your post that D912PXY existed :)And as I said the issue started like 2-3 weeks ago. Before that, it was running very fine.Also, as I posted, they fixed it in game with yesterday patch for some game modes, but they forgot about the character selection screen... probably because nobody can report bugs from there.

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