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What's a Seraph?

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noob lore question I'm sure, but I'm new to guild wars and one of the options during human character creation is something along the lines of "your sister was a seraph and her body was never recovered". Just curious what that is, I'm assuming some kind of paladin-esque holy warrior?

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The Seraph are the largest of the various military organizations in Kryta, a human kingdom. They're kind of like a cross between police officers and soldiers in what they do, really: defending the populace from marauding bandits and rampaging centaurs, patrolling roads, and managing various other threats to the nation. You'll run into them A LOT during your story. Here's the wiki article on them, if you're curious: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Seraph

Welcome to Tyria! :)

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