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Hello mates after POF release i rly thinking about going back intothe game. I play only core game and dont have HOT so i wanna ask how its going on ? I thinking about PVE but i feel like there is no change into raids after what i read . I have a exotic gear berserker on my ranger its my only one character with full map core game completion. I rly wanna try raids and fractals

Its worthy farm these end game ? i dont know for ascended gear or skins ? coz i know this is not like a wow so i need to know .

Im on a aurora glade .

My next Q is can i still leveling edge of the mist ? or its not avaiable ? maybe i will level some another character depends how ranger is in fractals or raids?

Can someone tell me ? Ty alot for answers if i have any Q i will ask

Have a nice day

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Farming raids and fractal is worth it but you will need to move to asc gear for your prefered class.

This game also has a meta, best thing u can do is go to qtfy.eu and check out the available builds for your prefered class as well as tips and tricks for said build.

I believe you can still lvl up in edge but you will also get a lvl 80 bost when you buy an expac. Thing is hot only has raids atm so if you want to raid rn (and benefit from fractal masteries) u should buy Hot. Theres a 50 dollar/euro bundle i believe comes with 2 lvl 80 boosts too.

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