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UPDATE 2:  The previous workaround no longer appear to work since F6 and  F7 where made into default keys for new profession skills.


Escape won't close the Customize gear panel, pressing Escape while the Customize gear panel is up will close the hero panel instead.

This means that if you press escape while in the customize gear panel, you will close the hero panel, and if your cursor was in the search texbox of the Customize panel, you will be stuck in it.


These 3 changes should completely solve the issue: 


* Making sure the gear's Customize panel 'intercepts' the Escape key while it's open instead the other windows and panels behind it, so they won't be closed while gear's Customize is open.   

* Making pressing Escape while the gear's Customize panel is open deselect the search box, so the client can 'listen' to the action camera key binding again. 

* Making sure the gear's Customize panel being open prevents action camera from activating like other panels do.

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