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@Thanks.6859 said:Do you not see the Darehk's Quick End is unlocked I see where is says the sunsper skin is unlocked but this mfker cost 65 gold its the right one [&AgFkSAEA] <<<< this is unlocked

I see where the Sunspear Carver skin is unlocked, but since the Darehk's item shares the same skin, it's going to say the skin is unlocked even if you never bought the Darehk's item. Your video doesn't show that you have the Darehk's Quick End item in your inventory or anything. It just shows that you have the Sunspear Carver skin unlocked, so that's why we assumed that you unlocked the skin by crafting or buying the Sunspear Carver. If you did buy the actual item required, then you should submit a support ticket because that's definitely a bug (and a costly bug at that).

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