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WvW Reward Boxes - Use All

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The Use All option on a stack of WvW Reward Boxes fills up my entire inventory, and gives be Encumbered debuff with an extra item to pick.

I need to sell or destroy items to make room to get rid of the Encumbered. Then I need to sell or destroy items to make room to Salvage items.

Then I sell items one by one at the Trading Post or at a vendor to turn them into currency.

Repeating this pattern same for over 5000 boxes is laborious.

While the Use All feature is nice, the whole inventory micro management/WvW reward tracks needs a lot more improvements.

Please, if there is a designer with basic understanding of usability in the company, have a look at this issue.

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You can always separate a stack using alt+drag and type in a number where you think that wont fill up your inventory to full so that doesn't happen. Also remember the Deposit All in the little gear in the upper right of your window. Normally even if I hit full bags I'll have dozen or so mats I can deposit so I can salvage no problem after. Not saying a feature to where the Consume All goes until there is one free space left wouldn't be a nice 'icing on the cake' but there are workarounds.

Also if you really did have 5k boxes or such to open, that was your choice to let it build up that much before opening them all at once it sounds like. You can open them as you get them so you never have to worry about full bags; or at the end of each play session. Or something like, do 500 boxes one day then wait a few days and do another 500 just so the monotony doesn't get to you. Cause I do get the whole boringness of Inventory Wars, but if you find the way your doing it is annoying the snot out of you, there are changes you can make to hopefully improve efficiency and; or your mood on the subject.

At the end of the day though it's a large part of the game and sometimes you just have to bit the bullet and deal with the fact that while large improvements have been made over the recent months, it's far some perfect. Be it how to manage inventory bags or how it's dealt to the player and the options they have to vendor, store, and sell what they receive as 'loot'.

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