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Can we rework Guardian Scepter? Or at least change the sounds it makes on its first ability Orb of Wrath? the noise it makes is unbearable, especially during long fights, it is really off-putting and really stops me from enjoying Guardian the way I want to. Any chance for just a quick sound change at least? Please? :'(

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I agree...the sound fx for scepter #1 are not at all appropriate for the weapon, imo. If Anet would have designed GW2 to be highly modable, that type of irksome content would have been replaced long ago by something vastly better. Anet will never change anything about their game to please a few players...so, I guess we should just be grateful that we don't have the godawful screeching that we often hear emanating from the Mesmer class.

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On 8/26/2020 at 8:25 AM, Antycypator.9874 said:

Scepter 1 need to be converted into regular AA (3 hits), just like almost every weapon can do (e.g. mesmer's scepter). Why is it only one repeating noisy hit?

Not necessarily, many range weapons have a single AA.

But yeah, rework is sorely needed.

Animation and sound are terrible.

It's mostly the sound that is obnoxious.

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