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Chak Gerent bugged = perma invulnerable


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This is about a bug that occured with the meta event in Tangled Depths, starting 10:30 CEST, 14/09/'17 [surgarde, Tempest (not really relevant I think)]

The first time the Chak Gerent unburrows at Nuhoch Lane, he got stuck in the water causing it to have the invulnerability buff for the rest of the meta event. It happened while fighting it. It stayed alive for the rest of the event but stayed there, so the cannon did not get destroyed. Even though it didn't, and all other cannons were still standing as well, the wall wasn't blown up. At the end of the event, the message still said "Meta Event Completed", although there was no Gerent chest, or crystallized Supply Caches at the end because the wall was still there. The picture shows where exactly he got stuck somehow.


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