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Partying ideas or different teaming up system

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Ok look i get that some people think the partying system is ok and thats fine

but read the suggestions and say what you think i would like to have a discussion not just i think your stupid or anything like that.I want to make the game more appeling to those that like to play together not just next to each otherlets talk and see what happens also if you have any suggestions on this please leave a comment with what you think.

Heart challengesThey could stack together so all actions count to completion, this would keep the required amount to compleat the same and would remove any benifit over solo players.OrPoints could work on a round robin system this would accomplish the same thing everyone is working together to reach a common goal(May i note only those who are close enough to have the challenge appear on their screen should get the point in eather situation)

Players that play as Healers/SupportBuffing or healing a player damageing an enemy should give you damage points via proxy so like for every 8 X lv in damage = 2 X LV in creadit toward the kill.OrAny additional damage that comes from your buff counts towards your damage points because you did damage via proxi (However this dosent help Healers)

EXP and the suchOk im with some people on this if you had nothing to do with the kill like at all no buffing nothing then no exp or items for you.(unless your in a heart challenge then you get the points when it comes around to you however that doesn't stop you from being kicked from the party if your doing nothing to help)

This is something that i think they should addThe abillity to see your party members completion screen such as achivements and missions to see what they have and havent done, so a vet can assist a new player or a confused player on what they should be doing or what they could be doing. Also i would like to add that there sould be a pop up that askes them would you like to allow the other player to view X and Y.

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