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[Suggestion] - Enable the Bug Report feature on the characters selection screen

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Could you enable the bug report feature for the characters selection screen, please?I've been struggling with broken model portraits in game and on the character selection screen for weeks now.I reported a bug on the forum, and reported bugs with a in-game capture for various modes (WvW, Living Story and Personal Story, EotN, etc.): all of them have been fixed by the developers within the last patch. All of them except for the character selection screen, a.k.a. the only place where it is impossible to report in-game, because I'm quoting the game client "You can only submit a game from inside of the game"...

Thank you.Kind regards,

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@"kharmin.7683" said:Hello!Have you taken screen shots and sent them to support through their ticketing system?

Yes. But I believe using an ingame report window allows you to send much more information than a screenshot. When I was younger, I was working on a AAA game and our "report bug" window would also attach the result of a dxdiag to the ticket. That was very useful to debug.

@Khisanth.2948 said:That sounds like the issue from the dx12 addon ...

I don't use any addon.

As I said, that was fixed ingame without me having to touch anything, with last week's patch. So i'm pretty sure that there is something there too...

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I think it was just serendipitous that bugs you reported in-game were addressed with the next patch.Reporting the bug with character portraits in-game would not likely engender a fix for that particular 'bug', as it has been around and reported for quite some time.

(Also, unlikely to get a Dev response here, if that's what you were looking for.)

Regardless, good luck.

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