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[Suggestion] Libraries

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GW2 has introduced so many books from expansions and Living World seasons, and while I do LOVE the lore, im honestly running out of room to place them, and i think its about time the game introduce a library feature where we can store them. A few ideas i have on how this can be done are:

  1. Home Instance Bookshelf*Placement: within the living area of your home instance (the place where your character eats and sleeps before becoming a hero and setting out into the world)

  2. City Library*A new or repurposed building in every city, or just Lions Arch, becomes a library where you can store your books.

  3. Guild Hall Library*Guild hall, especially guild hall with extended exploration, has so many unused ruins, therr is so much space for posibilities. One of these ruins could be built up into a Guild Library, where books can be stored/donated and shared.

  4. Hero Pannel UI Library: while the other methods sound more fun and world building, this method would probably require the least work from devs and the most convience for players, as we wouldnt have to run to a specific location to store and retrieve our books when we want/dont want them. (Sometimes i want to be inconvienced however, as having an actually library adds so much more to the world building, so this is my least favorite option)


    A. Interactive/storage(can be incerted and withdrawn): Walk up and press 'F', and a bank-like storage pannel will pop up, appearing and working much like your material storage, there will be a slot for each book, and you will be able to take out and read each one, and place back in at your leasure.

B. Interactive/storage(can be incerted, but not withdrawn): like option 1, you walk up and press 'F', and material-collections-like pannel pops but, but instead of removing the book, when you double click on a particular book, the book in question simply opens for you to read, without ever actually leaving the storage.

C. Guild Shares Knowledge: like option 2, except once you donate the book to the guild library, it is no longer yours. Any guild member can sellect a book to read it, but thr book never actually enters there inventory and they do not get achievement credit for that book if they didnt already complete it themselves. As soon as they leave the library, the book pannel closes.

D. Hero Pannel Library UI: once you complete a book, it is store in your UI, and takes no space in your inventory, just double click to read.

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As a habitual book hoarder in real life and in any MMORPG I have played I think this is awesome idea to add a place for the books where they can be stored, maybe even add a Wisdom title for collecting enough of them.

Original Guild Wars had a Wisdom title: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Wisdom

It would fit well with all the books and lore there is in Guild Wars 2. :sunglasses:

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Have there been any news on this in the last few years? This thread is now a bit older and all I could find with google were older threads (here and on reddit a bit).I'm curious since I have just played Living World Season 3, episode 1.

3 books were included there. (Apprentice Kasandra's Diary, etc.) I could just delete them (I'll probably do this) to save space. Can read the stuff in the wiki again if I ever wanted.

Still having it ingame would be nice. Priory has a huge library. There could just be an npc that opens a panel. Or including it in the section in the UI where the unlocked achievement skins are included. Other stuff that you could accidentally delete which is gained from achievements could be placed there as well. Like converter items like "Princess".

If it is made sure that getting multiple copies would not lead to an advantage then I guess it is easy to implement. (Otherwise harder cause it would need to check all inventories over all chars + bank if the player still has 1 copy.) And with the cooldowns on stuff like princess they could just omit these check and having this (I guess it is already like that) as account global CD. (If someone got a 2nd copy he could not get more uses per day with that.)

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