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Phantom(Elite Spec Concept)


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Finally decided to post this to see what people thought or if they thought it would be a good or interesting idea for an elite spec after seeing a lot of other people post their own ideas and concepts. Please keep in mind I've never done anything like this before so I'm not sure if this is the proper format to post it in, and I also didn't look at anything number wise however I tried not to make any abilities to crazy . We've seen that the mesmer is able to manifest illusionary weapons to attack foes with abilities such as great sword 2. The concept for this spec stems from that along with some other influences. The spec does not use illusions/phantasms instead abilities that generate those are changed and the mesmer uses attacks which generate phantom weapon charges instead of illusions/phantasms. Each charge would create an illusionary dagger or sword that would float behind the mesmer, and instead of shatters the mesmer would launch/throw these at foes which would damage plus have various effects depending on which ability you used(there would be multiple options similar to shatters). It would be a power focused spec that gets MH + OH daggers or OH dagger, and be more focused on damage, mobility, and less on utility. Without illusions/phantasms this would allow you to freely swap targets.

Still coming up with ideas for MH/OH dagger abilities, and will update post with them when I finish.

Possible HealingPhantom Escape: Teleports to target or target area and heals.

Possible UtilitiesThe utilities would be similar to the guardian's spirit weapons.

Phantom Staff: Command Phantom Staff to grant boons to allies.Phantom Scepter: Command Phantom Scepter to inflict multiple conditions on foe.Phantom Great Sword: Command Phantom Great Sword to Knock Down foes and remove boons.Phantom Sword: Command Phantom Sword to inflict vulnerability on foe.

Possible ElitePhantom Armory: Create a swirling storm of illusionary weapons around caster that damages all foes in area and blocks projectiles for set period of time.

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