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When is next balance coming?


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ArenaNet made sure to drop a major balance patch each quarter. since the last quarterly balance has been in august (8th i believe) next major balance will be at the start of november.

i just hope they will actively look into splitting WvW from PvE (skills & trait wise) and match it with PvP to have better balance! and lower the god damn scourge / spellbreaker damage, because they are quite kitten retarded o.o

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Ya, to echo several above posts. You will probably get a PvE balance this month or next, possibly with the holloween patch.

But this realy isn't a WvW balance patch. History shows that the devs don't care enough to balance around WvW. The best you can hope for is a decent balance based off the classes not breaking PvE.

Its sad, it sucks, and the WvW community is neglected. But that has been the reality to for the last 5 years.

The few occasions that they have focused on WvW, they implimented sweeping changes to the maps and mechanics, rather than simple class balance that would have profound inpact... i fear the devs actualy balancing WvW. They seem to misunderstand it, and the WvW community

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