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Suggestion - Legendary Infusion and effect separation

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To go with the upcoming Legendary Template (if there is still room and time in the development of this), my suggestion for a legendary infusion, and also a way to address the ever increasing "visual clutter":

  1. The legendary infusion has the ability to stat swap AR, WvW bonus, and +stat bonuses
    1. The legendary infusion is able to go in to and out of any ascended or legendary item with out an extraction device
    2. A separation between a visual effect and an items ability, via a "visual effect slot" in that could be slotted into a legendary infusion or possibly legendary item. The idea is to be able to have any "unlocked effect" your account currently has from infusions (and via the current legendary trinkets like vision or the new karma enrichment item for the 8th anniversary), combined with any stats/bonuses you want on your character via infusions, or removed all together.
  2. The ability for you as a player to enable to disable these effects from your own character and other characters via the graphic settings.Thoughts?
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